Small child harasses large horse; horse carefully does not kill her

Instead, the horse (boss mare, maybe?) deals with the kid as it would with an obnoxious foal that won’t stop hassling it – with a body slam when the child persists in ignoring the horse’s body language saying “Beat it, kid, you bother me.”

Watch this, and tell me if you agree: I thought for sure the kid was going to get her head kicked off. What the hell kind of parent would allow this to happen? What the hell kind of moron would stand there videoing this disaster in the making instead of rescuing the kid before she gets killed?

The video

The description of the video asserts that the child wasn’t hurt, by the way.

Given how badly that horse could have hurt that child, and how clearly aggravated it was, I am amazed it was so restrained.

Video editor is a fucking tool. I need to see the hit more times, and slower, before I can really tell what’s going on.

The parents will be thankful that, when the little girl needs braces, she still has a smile to straighten.

Doesn’t shock me the horse is smarter than the parents (from your description, video won’t load for me). Animals seem to get human kids are little ones and not really responsible for their stupidity…(I once saw a kid give the rectory dog a proctology exam. the dog turned around and looked at the kid like “Keep it to this end”)

The parents should be busted for child endangerment. This kid shouldn’t be allowed in a field with not one but several horses, especially since she clearly has not been taught how to act around them. My daughter has been rising for 13 years, and she jumps in shows, and I’ve seen horses spook more than once. At one show I saw a horse spook, kick backwards, and knock down a porta-potty. The kid got off very easy.

I didn’t know horses had that kind of muscle control. It wasn’t just a body slam the the horse had to partially kneel to do it and it was such a light touch considering the size of the animal. Way to go horse. And what a flaming dumbass of a parent.

I’m dumb, i guess. I didn’t get that the horse was agitated until it started running. At that point, I would have called my kid back. Although ideally, my child wouldn’t be unattended with several large animals at all.


The only thing missing is the horse teabagging the annoying little brat.

Ahem. I believe you mean “pwni3d”.

Oh, well done!

Very stupid parents or whoever was looking after thatkid, horses and cows can kill adults with a kick, let alone a 4-year old.

Most mammals seem to be able to distinguish between adults and young pretty well, even across species, and behave accordingly. I remember our dog being hassled at length by some young cousins, and the dog was pretty much ignoring them. If I’d done the same things she would have immediately gone completely mental, and started running around the house at full tilt.

I’m glad to see that the comments (on youtube) were all of the same opinion as here. Poor parenting.

I saw that clip on Fugly Horse of the Day and was horrified that any parent would be so stupid as to let their child harass a herd of horses that obviously did not want to be bothered. WHOEVER was filming had to be totally clueless as to horse body language.

Personally, if my child had slipped into the pasture and was harassing horses like that, I would have been on her in a heartbeat, and she would hav gotten her pantys pulled down and a spanking she wouldn’t forget, right there in the pasture. There is NO excuse for that.

Horses are extremely agile. I’ve seen them run and play with large dogs. Somehow, they don’t run over them. Horses will also play with basketballs. They are very coordinated.

The kid is very, very lucky. I hope someone chewed some parent ass. Letting that kid out there was stupid.

That’s for sure. Riding in Belize, we had to lead our horses up a trail. I had to use my hands at some points to pull myself up. I’m not out of shape, and regularly hike mountain trails in Colorado. I was worried that the horse might make a move and come down on me. Scary trail.

I can’t say I blame the horse. I’m glad the kid wasn’t hurt but I hope she had the shit scared out of her.

That’s where I saw it, too. What I think bothers me the most, as I’ve watched it over and over, is this: I think the people involved knew those horses, maybe even owned them. If you listen carefully to the audio, the little girl keeps addressing the horse as “Precious”, as if she knew that particular horse; she also seems to expect the horse to obey her. That, and the fact that the videographer seems so blase about it all right up to the body slam (when the clip ends and, one fervently hopes, the dumbass adult finally intervenes) leads me to believe the humans thought this was all perfectly okay because it’s their horse, after all, and good old Precious would never hurt darling little Bryttnee.

Which, if I’m right, makes it even worse: Not only clueless about equine body language, but in control of those horses’ lives and welfare.

No kidding. Horses have incredible power when they want to use it. My old Morgan likes to rub his head on humans – a bad habit let go uncorrected by his former owner, which I’ve nearly (but not quite) extinguished. One shove from that when you’re not expecting it could knock you over.

Once, long ago, I was tacking up the Thoroughbred I owned then and had put the standing martingale around his neck. Jay decided to bite at his chest and got his lower jaw hooked under the strap. He froze. I froze. He strained to get free. I tried to pull the strap free. Then he lost it and – well, it all happened so fast, I don’t know exactly what he did, but I was flying through the air and crashing into the wall, while Jay came down to all fours and stood, quivering but otherwise still, free of the martingale.

My two are amazingly gentle and well-disposed to all humans, and both are very good with kids; but I am always aware of where and what mood they are and where I am when working around them, and I would never let a child be in their stall or turnout without adult supervision right on top of them.

Heh, my dad is into genealogy. I’ve lost track of how many entries there are in his database where the cause of death entry is ‘kicked in head by horse/mule’.

Anywhich, I like how the horse lined up that shot. S/He clearly positions themself perfectly to be able to see the child clearly and then delivers the blow without losing sight of the kid. I guess the videographer didn’t want the show us the part where the other horses are high-fiving.

Aww, poor kid. It wasn’t her fault. People are so fucking stupid.

His body language as he comes in to punish her is very similar to that of my dogs, who also use hip and shoulder checks for group disipline, especially for puppies (and I have seen it done to children by other dogs).

rhubarbarin, I do feel for the kid. But if the adults aren’t going to teach her to respect the horse, but the horse can without harming her…then go horse. Perhaps she will now know better than the adults who damn well should about bugging the horses.