Small nails OK for hanging light stuff on drywall?

My mom wants some pictures hung, but she doesn’t want them to leave visible holes in the wall. They have to go on drywall, between the studs. They’re light, probably no more than five pounds each.

I would normally use a screw in a plastic expanding sleeve, but she doesn’t want a hole that big. My BIL says a tiny nail is all I need for something that light, even in drywall, but I’m afraid that if he’s wrong, it will tear a chunk out when it is pulled out.

Is he right?

I wouldn’t use nails (alone) for anything with a weight heavier than “negligible.”

These hangers are cheap and will do the trick nicely:

Yep, and they only leave a small nail hole, too!

12 cents apiece?!?!?! Do you guys think I’m made of money???

Thanks, I’ll pick some up next time I go to town.

If you use picture hangers it’s less likely to pull out of the wall.

I have one of these Gorilla hooksholding a fairly heavy clock on the wall. Just one small hole.

The 3M “Command” stick-on products are getting better and better.

I’ve seen ads for those and wondered if they were too good to be true.

Wasn’t the late Billy Mays hawking those at one time, not as Gorilla Hooks, but as something else?


Yes, as Hercules Hooks!
And here’s the video.

My wife would love those. I don’t think our 3/8" sheetrock would like them though. I would only trust them in 1/2" sheetrock.

picture hanger

Use two per picture. Shares the load and makes it easier to keep them dead level.

OOK Professional picture hangers are also nice, they use a hardened steel nail that is thinner than the basic hangers, but cost more.

If the walls are painted white you can use a bit of white toothpaste to hide most small nail holes.

what are the pictures of?

how wide are the frames?