No Nail Picture Hangings Suggestions

I have a room that I don’t want to damage in any way yet I have some pictures that I want to hang. It has a very specific custom paint that I don’t want to damage if something needs to be taken off either. I have seen adds for adhesive hangers like this but I have no idea if they really work. In particular I have, two framed paintings that are over 3 feet tall.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding what really works in this situation?

Depending on the weight of the pictures, you may not a have a choice. The problem is that anything that is strong enough to spread the weight of the painting without making a hole, is also likely to be semi-permanent in nature. Industrial velcro, double sided sticky tape and the like will hold the weight, but probably take off the paint when you remove it. You could always ceiling mount the frames with hooks and monofilament which is pretty invisible in most indoor lighting. if you do it right up against the wall you could get the look.

This is what I came in to say.

For the stuff that’s not hugely heavy, go ahead and use the Command Adhesive picture-hanging strips. They really do work.

When I’ve used poster hanging “putty” of some sort, it left a little greasy spot where it had been. If that’s as bad as a hole, you’d want to test any no-hole stuff you use to see if that’s a problem.

The ceiling mount idea sounds good, but put some felt “buttons” on the back of the frame so you don’t scratch the wall.

The Command hooks work as long as you follow the instructions for them and don’t hang something too heavy on them. I also use the Hercules hooks. They leave a very small hole, (really small) but hold a massive amount of weight.

Use monofilament and hang then from the molding.

Those 3M Command Adhesive hooks are awesome. Nearly everything in my house is hung with them. The packaging will tell you the weight it will hold, and they’ve yet to disappoint me (I’ve yet to replace one in over five years). That said, I wouldn’t trust a heavy glass front frame to them, but that’s just common sense.

I’ve only used the removable stuff for small pictures. The big ones…sheesh. I’d be afraid.

Have you considered using an easel? Might work if you have a large enough room.