Velcro picture hangers

Anyone use these Velcro pictures hangers? Do they do a good job? Any drawbacks etc?

How about a link to “these Velcro picture hangers” so we know what you’re talking about.

These work great. Are they the ones you’re talking about?

The only drawback that I’ve seen is that they must be removed carefully to avoid pulling paint off the wall.

If you’re using an adhesive to attach a piece of velcro to the wall, and an adhesive to attach a piece of velcro to the picture, why not just cut out the middle man and use a double sided adhesive to attach the picture directly to the wall?

Assuming that what Mind’s Eye, Watering linked to is what the OP is referring to, then the reason not to just use double-stick tape is that the 3M Command products are designed to remove cleanly from the wall, which may not happen if you just stuck the picture on the wall using double-stick tape. Also, the 3M Command products have clear weight limits so if you follow the instructions, you can be reasonably certain that your stuff isn’t going to come down accidentally.

Exactly. I have six canvas art prints on one of my walls - each about 12 pounds with one of the large Command strips in each corner of the prints (4 per print) and they’ve been holding for three years now.

They do come off the wall cleanly if you follow Command’s directions.

Also, adjustment is easier. You can align the tilt a small amount once the mountings are attached.

Yes these are what I was talking about…sorry about no link from me:smack:

Thanks for the answers!

Once you attach something to the wall that “removes cleanly” (or doesn’t), it makes no differenc what is between that something and the artwork. It can be velcro, a steel hook, anything that provides a reliable bearer of the weight. So using Velcro is nothing but a sales gimmick to the gullible who think anything new or high-tech or prominently displayed in a bubble-pak must, for that reason, be better.

OK, then please enlighten those of us who strive not to be gullible what we should use to hang our pictures on the wall?

I like the Command velcro strips because they make pictures hang flat against the wall, instead of having that little tilt that traditional/wire-hung pictures have.

Plus no holes in the wall to spackle, sand, and paint, if i want to move things.

Is that so? So name something old or low-tech or not prominently displayed in a bubble-pak that works as well as Command strips - and also comes off the wall cleanly with no holes. Thank you.

I used the Command strips to hang a large piece of framed art on the wall. They have held very well for about year now. BUT, when I was hanging it the wall got damaged. The large strips have you apply the strips to the frame, then put it on the wall. You then have to pull the art back off the wall, leaving one half of the velcro there. Then reattach an hour later. When I tried to separate the velcro it was so strong (and the adhesive was so strong) it pulled a chunk of plaster out of the wall. This may not be an issue for people that don’t have horsehair plaster walls, but I wanted to forewarn people to be careful when separating the velcro.