Small Plastic C-clips

These were used on an old fake Christmas tree to attach wires to the branches. Made of plastic and about 2mm or 1/16" thick.

Any idea where I can buy 100 or so of these?


Do you need that specific style/size or would these do?

Thanks. I saw those, but the shipping costs are absurd - more than the item’s cost. I would get those if I can’t find the originals.

Don’t you know anyone who has Prime that could order them for you?

They’re not available under Prime. They’re sold by and ship from the manufacturer.

Oh boo

I suppose bread bag twist ties will work…

What are you trying to do?

Installing new LED lights in an old fake Christmas tree.

The old incandescent lights were wired at the factory using those clips.

How about zip ties?

Thought about those too, but they’ve got to be trimmed after installing. Too much hassle for a task that is sure to be a PITA.

I’ll probably go with the twist ties if I can’t find the original clips.

Thanks for your help, running_coach.

Michaels has something that looks similar. Other hobby stores may have similar.

Thanks. Good price on those - too bad they are multi-colored.

That company also has clear clips.

Can’t you reuse the clips that are already there? Or do they break as you try to remove them.

(Nylon clips can get brittle in a dry environment. You might have better luck if you wait for the humid days of summer…)

Then, if you need more, consider buying a used artificial Christmas tree at your local charity store. Remove the clips and donate the tree back.

I was thinking that some commercial clip would do… Alas, these look to be too small:

Hmmm…the price is certainly good and the shipping is not too bad.

I can’t really tell how big these are, though.

Yeah, they mostly break. The barbs on the ends really grab the “branch.”

I concede you might need to trim after installing.