Smalleville Storyline Questions

This is a summary of Wed night’s show. So if you haven’t seen it DON"T READ ANY FURTHER!!

Someone please claify this for me:

  1. Helen drew a vile of blood from Clark but did NOT mak that it was his.

  2. Lex stole the vile.

[bold]Why did Lex steal the vile if he didn’t know who it belonged to? Helen is a doctor so why would one particular vile be of interest to him?[/bold]
3. Lex gives vile back to Helen

  1. Helen sells vile to Lionel. Yet she doesn’t tell him who it belongs to.

[bold]What was the purpsoe and intent of Lionel having the vile of blood?

  1. Lionel locks up the blood.

  2. Mr. Edge approaches Clark to steal the vile from Lionel

[bold]How did he know about the blood? What was he going to do with it[/bold]

  1. Jonathan destroyed the vile

  2. Clark gives another sample of blood which Lionel gets a hold of.

[bold]What is Lionel going to do with the blood? Is Lex aware that it is Clark’s[/bold]

Good question. I hadn’t realized that Lex would have no interest in teh blood if he didn’t know it was Clark’s. Maybe he knew it was alien (or at least meteor-rock mutant). That’s obviously Lionel’s interest.

Both Lionel and Lex realize the full potential of Kryptonite, the Indian cave, and the strange happenings around Smallville, and want it for their own purposes. Neither of them fully realize that Clark’s their man.

It seems that Helen is a vile character after all, what with selling the vial and all.

Helen had kept the blood because it was not human. Her notes about it made that clear, but she did not mark who it had came from. The Luthors were both interested in it because they know something strange is going on in Smallville. They would jump on the knowledge that there was blood from something alien from the Smallville area.

As for how Edge knew about the blood, I would guess he heard it through the grapvine. Lionel had to have somebody study it or it was useless to him. And a secret known to three people is not a secret. Or maybe Helen sold the information to him. She seemed willing to sell it to everyone else. :smiley: Edge told Lionel what he was going to do with it. Sell it back to Lionel for a lot of money.

Didn’t Lionel have pictures of Helen with Edge?

Here is another question.

On Wed. episode, Lana kills a guy in the Kent’s barn. I did not notice how that had been explained to Lana. She seemed to overlook the fact that there were bad guys in the Kent’s barn with the Kent’s tied up. Was it explained to her or was it overlooked intentionally for the storyline to flow?

Menocchio And Sunrise you raise plot holes that seem unintentional to me. Maybe the story line will show them not to be.

Unless Lex is up to something, it seemed out of character to me that he would say

Well you left me passed out on a crashing plane, but I do love you, so lets stay together anyway

Again it is possible subsequent stories will show this to be a ploy – if not it was kind of silly.

Uh, jimmmy, did you miss the rest of the episode? Because it’s pretty obvious Lex was tricking her.

I don’t know Fiver, the gun she pulled in the plane, the fight, and her departure out the door may have been another malaria dream. :dubious:

Sunrise, it was never mentioned in the show. I thought that was kind of strange, but then I realized it was hardly the first dead body she has been around.

Did anyone else notice that they set up a future plotline? When Clark blew up the truck, there was a piece of kryptonite in it. Bet it shows up in the future, in the hands of someone unfriendly.


Was he?

I thought he was putting her to the test – he accused her in mid-flight and she pulled a gun – In fact I thought he said he believed her until he "realized’ that Lionel would have succeeded if he had tried …& I took from that he forgave her at the time he was hugging — maybe I misread that scene – sorry.

Still valid points by others above on Lana & murder and edge

jimmmy, he told her in that scene that he knew how she had got off the plane. He knew they had landed in St. Croix and she got off there. What murder are you talking about? Lana didn’t murder anyone, that guy in the barn was very much self-defense.


It wasn’t explicitly stated, but Lana probably assumes that it connected to stuff Clark got mixed up with in Metropolis.

Did he know all that when he forgave her & gave her a big hug?-- If so I didn’t see that …
I thought all he knew for sure at that point was that she jumped from a burning plane while he was knocked out–& then gave her a big hug

Murder is a poor choice of words & self-defense better.

While I find it hard to believe that Helen jumped out of a plane… IN NO WAY WAS THAT FROM MALARIA!..It really did happen!

Remember Lionel told Lex when he came back that that was “good work” and that is when he told him he had surveilence on the plane and saw the whole thing?

I will agree that Lana killed in self defense but it seems odd that the writers didn’t show us Lana being explained why the Kents were tied up in the barn.

Do you think Edge is dead?

Also when Clark rescued his mom and Lionel from Luther Corp (episodes ago) there was kryptonite fully loaded in the safe. What happened to it? We know it wasn’t there recently cause Clark busted in the safe and got the blood and was not phased in any way.

What has tipped the Luther’s into thinking Clark is Superman? The only thing I can think of is when Lex hit him with the car but Clark saved his life. That would put Lex on suspision but what about Lionel?

Didn’t the wakked out hieroglyphics expert tell Lionel and Lex that Clark Kent would rule them all and have to be killed etc etc … ?

The doctor & the photographer that studied the caves are dead. Neither one of them ever revealed the findings to the Luthers before their demise. So to anwser your question…NO

It is never explicitly said when he found out. But since that is when he suggested retrying the honeymoon, I would bet he did know it. He was setting her up to take a dive. :smiley:

sunrise, I would bet Edge is still alive. But he has to lie low for a while, Lionel thinks Edge set him up.


You can’t kill Morgan Edge.

I state this on principle. Morgan Edge was a MAJOR villain in the old Superman comics (he hung out with godlike beings from another planet), so I can’t imagine him getting a casual death.

That was post-Crisis. Edge’s original appearance in the mid-seventies was as the hard-edged CEO of Galaxy Communications, the conglomerate that acquired the Daily Planet. He therefore became Clark Kent’s boss, ranking above Perry White, and Clark started dividing his non-Superman time between writing newspaper stories and doing a nightly newscast for Galaxy’s TV network, GBS.

Lionel had a major hand in pushing through Clark’s adoption for the Kents. I don’t think he knows the real truth for sure but he knows Clark appeared mysteriously right after the meteor shower.