Smart Phone "Pop Up" in Chrome - Recommended For You

There is a pop up, if you will, that says “Recommended For You” in the lower right corner of my chrome browser. Occasionally, it expands upward into something that looks like a smart phone, with various links. I don’t know what it is and want to get rid of it. Anyone have any ideas?

Other sufferers with suggestions

I tried the suggestion there about disabling extensions one-by-one and also running Malwarebytes. It seems to have worked.


Happy to help!


Correction: Now it only seems to pop up on this board and nowhere else. Does this make sense?

Sounds like spite to me. :smiley:

Srsly, I got nothin’.

Bumping this up because I’m getting it too, and according to many computer forums, it’s a serious bitch to get rid of, and a lot of people are having the same problem.

Yeah, it’s back for me too. They only problem I’ve encountered, other than the annoyance factor, is that sometimes it “blocks” other links when it expands, even though I appear to have closed it. For example, in the lower right corner of this page you see “Contact Us”, “Straight Dope Homepage”, “Archive”, and “Top”. Only “Contact Us” will work when this happens. I’m just ignoring it for now…

Are we allowed to wish harm/death on people who write these kinds of programs?

Absolutely not. It’s too good for them.

A bit of news on this front. If you dowload AdBlock you can use it to get rid of this annoying pop-up, at least for a while. After installing, right click on the ad (even if you can’t see it, i.e. you can only see the X used to dismiss it) and select “Block this ad” from the AdBlock menu. Assuming the ad disappears, press “Looks good”. You should be told that 1 item on the page is matched.

This blocks the ad based on an id used in the HTML. I suspect this id will be changed over time, and if so you’ll have to repeat these steps, but this will get rid of it.

Me again!*

Yep, the above only worked for a while. New solution: add “###close-btn-0” to the customizable filter list in the ad blocker you are using. This will block anything with those characters in the HTML, so there is the possibility that something you might want will also be blocked. In my last example, something similar happens, but it only blocks the popup on the site.

*Not sure if anyone cares, but I feel a duty to rid the world of this nuisance!