Smart SHeep!

I am happy to note that they destoy cricket pitches - now that is clever! :slight_smile:

“We ‘ad t’ roll over eight foot grid just t’ nibble on clippings that’d been mashed int’ pitch by heavy roller.”

“Heavy roller? Luxury.”

:slight_smile: LOL, I suppoe I hsould have seen that coming, really. Either that or Ecky Thoomp.
<.Eric Olthwaite>
Aye, t’black sheep’s black the day. mother
</Eric Olthwaite>

One of them wouldn’t be named Harold by any chance?

That would be the most dangerous of all animals.

They don’t so much fly as they do plummet…

All right, I admit it - I’m lost. But as a very wise woman, Iam clever enough to ask for directions:)
So, who/what is this dangerous sheep named Harold, pray tell?

Celyn, it’s a Monty Python reference.

I love the National Sheep Association quotation: “Sheep are quite intelligent creatures and have more brainpower than people are willing to give them credit for.” I mean everybody’s got a cause.

Clever sheep…

Thanks, a35362. :slight_smile: I’m now feeling suitably ashamed of myself. Oh, well, maybe I am getting OldTimer’s disease. @(

Evolution in progress.

My wife raises sheep. I can tell you from experience that they are remarkable at finding clever ways to destroy my landscaping. But they still get thier heads stuck in the same fence every day.

Both incredibly stupid yet persistant in getting to any source of food.

I really, really, really hate them.