Smartphone or Blackberry?

Howdy all,

I’m determined to spend a lot of money on a super-sexy gadget that I don’t need, but I’m having trouble deciding what to get. I’ve had my eye on the new Sony Ericson P800 Smartphone, which is basically a touch-screen pda disguised as a cellphone. I don’t think it’s available in the States, but you can take a look at the delicious little thing here . It’s the one that’s fourth from the left in the line-up.

However, Blackberrys are just about to hit the UK (for non-corporate users, at any rate), and they’re looking pretty good. It sounds like the email on a blackberry would be much easier and more intuitive to use. In fact I’ve heard stories that they’re so addictive that the US media have dubbed them “Crackberrys”.

So, I’ve got all the info I need on the Smartphone, but precious little on the Blackberry. Do any of you use them? Are they any good? Do you use them to make calls as well as for email, and do you use them as regular pda’s?

In short, should I get the P800 Smartphone, or is the Blackberry worth waiting for? Help me make up my mind, because this money is burning a hole in my pocket…

Ooh! Ooh! Almost forgot! Most important of all, can I access the SDMB on a Blackberry?