Smarty Jones loses

Just in case any of you are reading the dope instead of watching TV or reading news sites.

The great Smarty Jones lost :(.

The winner was probably the most compassionate winner I’ve ever seen so I guess it couldn’t have gone to a better guy/horse. He said “I’m sorry it had to be me.”


Horse racing ranks just above golf on the list of useless “sports”.

At least it doesn’t last very long.

I was excited about a sport for the first time in over 10 years. I felt really let down when he lost.

I too am disappointed. I don’t follow the sport at all, but I was rooting for Smarty Jones. Ah well, maybe next year?

I am not into horse racing myself either but, I really wanted to see Smarty Jones win. It was heartwrenching to see that loss. :frowning:

Ok, I saw one commercial about this two weeks ago and then a flood of it today. “Smarty Jones” was the horse, right? Not the rider?
Um, and why was it such a big deal? I’ve never seen horse racing propagated so hugely on TV before.

Smarty is the horse.

The only time horse racing becomes a hot topic is when a horse has the chance to win the Triple Crown.

Otherwise, the three main races (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, & Belmont Stakes) become “and also in sports today” items on the local news.

Hey, that guy (Prado?), my Father in law used to live next door to him. Nice guy, apparently.

I was pullling for Smarty Jones, too, though the hype was getting too much. However, the way Birdstone kicked it in in the last stretch was amazing, and I truly enjoyed watching the race, even though I don’t follow horse racing…

There are no living triple crown winners. I think the last Triple Crown winner was Affirmed in '78. Smarty Jones would have changed that becoming the first one in 26 yrs. :frowning:

Not for Jones. These races are only for 3 year olds.

Yep, now it’s time for stud. Lucky horse.

I for one am happy that he lost, nothing against the horse, owner, rider or trainer, but we have a guy in our office that ever since the Preekness has talked of nothing but Smarty Jones, his history, his trainer (his history), his rider (his history), etc. It’s like he felt he was chosen by God to be the horse’s advocate.

People would see him coming and clear out. I know if Smarty Jones would have won we would have had to live with it for at least another month or so. Hopefully the loss will shut him up although we will probably have to put up with a day or two of mourning over the loss.


LOL. I was attempting a joke, but in retrospect I see that it was too subtle. Sorry. :slight_smile: