Smelly dog suggestions?

We have three dogs. (The shepherd has grown up since this pic)

Currently two of the dogs stink. The German Shepherd has found something dead and sneaks off every so often to roll in it. I have had to bathe her three times in the last eight days. We are trying to keep her from going off to roll, but all it takes is one moment of inattention. We live in the country and the dogs return when called.

The large brown mix-breed has a dense undercoat that we have been gradually removing via brushing. All three dogs swim in the Allegheny River on weekends. the other two dogs dry quickly, but the brown dog stays wet for a day, then reeks a sour nasty smell. I have to bathe her daily for 2 or 3 days to make her stop stinking, and then she is back in the river and on her way to stinking again. This was a problem last year also.

Sooooo, any advice on specific shampoos or rinses? I have a skunk shampoo that works well by chelating thiols, but it doesn’t work as a general de-stink shampoo.

You could shave them for the summer. It won’t change their behavior, but it will be easier to keep them clean.

Yeah, I mentioned a shave-down to the vet last year around this time and she suggested against it. They are with us outdoors all the time and their coats protect their skin from the sun, insulate, etc. Although I’d love to dip them in a vat of Nair!

You could try a trim, rather than a whole shave. Or leave it a bit longer on the top where the sun hits.

When my dog got skunked last year the de-skunk shampoo didn’t do a thorough enough job. I washed her a lot, and finally the thing that worked was the mixture here. Peroxide, baking soda and liquid soap. Not too expensive, really - you can find huge bottles of peroxide at Walgreens or wherever. I think I used plastic pitchers to get the job done.

If you don’t want to wash them that much, perhaps you need a “rinse” after they’re in the river or after they’ve been rolling in the yard. Get some plastic baby pools and fill them with water (can get 3 small ones - don’t need a “regular sized” one - they can fit!) and have them dip in before coming inside.

My dog gets to hang out in a plastic pool and sometimes she goes in the mulch afterwards, so I have to make sure she rinses off before we go inside or she gets the smell you’re talking about. Yuck!

OK, I’m going to bathe her tomorrow in this mix!

That mix worked wonders on our skunked mutt. I’d bet it will help, at least on the musty-smelling one.

We didn’t bother to mix it up (and didn’t have a recipe anyway). It was an emergency. We just wet her down thoroughly, rubbed in some soap to make her sticky, rubbed in handfuls of baking soda, then doused with peroxide and rubbed that in for a while. Rinse well, repeat as needed. You could smell the skunkness coming off every time it got cooking.

I’d call a groomer and see if they can strip the undercoat out completely on your swimmer. The heat may affect her a bit more since she won’t be as insulated, but the outer coat should still provide protection.

That or teach her to stand still and be blow-dried.

Can’t help much on the rolling dog. Ya just have to keep washing 'em. It’s usually the neck & shoulders, so sometimes you can just spot wash instead of doing the whole dog.

Her undercoat is pretty much out now. She is pretty good but will only tolerate 10 minutes of brushing at a time. Hopefully the mixture will be a help.

Whatever Kali is rolling in (guessing dead deer) should rot away soon, I hope. Maybe the dry weather is affecting the situation. Her first roll made me wonder if there was a human body in the woods. My Jeep Patriot still stinks from her!

What we go through for them!:smiley:

Have you tried following the dog before she rolls in stinky junk? Maybe she’ll lead you to the spot and you could clean it up.

When mine rolled in a dead seagull with a gut full of rotting fish, after washing her 4 times in various dog shampoos, eucalyptus wool wash, and diluted Nilodor, the only thing that seemed to work was drenching her in tomato juice. Rinsed it off after about 10 minutes, and could finally breath without gagging.

Had to have the car detailed, but it still took about two weeks of spraying the interior with diluted white vinegar before the the stench of death finally died.



I’ve actually Febreezed my stinky dog with good results. It was just regular almost-annual-bathtime dog funk though, not garbage or dead animal.

Yes, but she knows she’s not supposed to roll in dead stuff (she has previously been caught and reprimanded) and so sneaks off when our attention lapses. Last time we were working with the horses and noticed her missing.

I bathed Ella this morning in ZipperJJ’s suggested blend and it worked nicely. Great lather, easy to work with, and a no longer smelly dog. Of course the cycle will start again if the rain clears out long enough for some boating this weekend.:smiley:

No complaints about the rain, tho. We need it!

The peroxide mix you’ve described does work for skunks but it also stings a lot if they have any sensitive areas, eyes, even small cuts you can’t see through the fur. Although it will work it will be harsh on the coats and skin. I would only use it in emergencies such as skunk sprays (my dog has been sprayed several times and I used that mixture.

Thick coated dogs do smell when they get wet, from my experience there’s not much you can do about it. I wouldn’t use any sprays like Febreeze etc they’re just full of chemicals that are no good for anyone of any animal. I good drying with a towel is about all I do but I don’t mind the smell of dogs myself although I know I am in the minority on this one.

Wouldn’t help with smells from rolling in dead animals, but my shepherd smelled significantly better once I started giving her probiotics with her food.

We have a dachshund who is 14 1/2 years old. She reeks. Interestingly enough, if we pick her up we find that her chest is damp. Oh dogs supposedly sweat only through their tongue. Tell that to miss sweaty chest. We bathe her weekly with Dawn dishwashing detergent and give her sprays with apple cider vinegar about once a week as well. We also powder her with Gold Bond medicated powder weekly too.

She’s just gross but we love her anyway.

I forgot to mention, tomato juice does work as well, it has an acid in the juice that reduces the smell a little but if your dog has gotten a real good spray you need to soak him in tomato juice several times before it works as well as the perioxide recipe.

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