Smiley link test

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Sorry if this has been done before; I didn’t really know how to do a search on it, and the smiley page didn’t say anything about html coding.

At the very top of the reply form is a list of information.

It sez:

Forum Rules:
Who Can Read The Forum? Any registered user or guest.
Who Can Post New Topics? Any registered user.
Who Can Post Replies? Any registered user.
Changes: Messages CANNOT be edited by their author. Messages CANNOT be deleted by their author.
Posts: HTML code is Off. Smilies are On. vB code is On. [IMG] code is Off.

If it had been a snake it would have bit you.

your humble TubaDiva

No, he was testing using smilies as links. See, you can click on them, and it’ll take you to ESPN.

Nifty, but what for? We see smilies, we assume “inert”, not “link”.

It’s how I sneak in links to pornography for those in the know without the mods finding out. :wink:


You are a sick, sick person.