cool, you can make a smilie into a hyperlink… I’ve never seen that before…i suppose because no one would know you could click on it

I’m not certain, but I think this might be looked down upon, because it’s along the same lines as “hidden information”. I’m really unsure of the board’s policy on this matter, though, so don’t take my word for it.

cnn.com test






I wonder if this form will ever catch on for citing…

I don’t think it’s helpful to provide a link to this very thread… Maybe if you were quoting someone from another thread, though.

Actually, you can link to posts in the same thread.

Imagine one of those long 5-page threads in GD or Pit.

You’re responding to multiple posts. You could link to individual posts, so readers don’t have to scan through 5 pages to find the complete post.

Yeah Achenar, I was just using it as a test because the url to the thread was convenient. But it could be used for quote from other websites quite readily. Like this for instance:


Test link


This is a test of the emergency pargraph system.
If this was a real paragraph, it would be indented.