Smiling Bandit tries to buy a computer again

After my last attempt, I put things off for a while. I have job applications to fill out, classes to do, stuff and stuff. I had bills to pay as well. However, I now have some free time and have recovered my savings.

So, I’m in the market. I have a video card already. In contrast to last time, perhaps people can point me towards a computer which can do the things I want instead of getting a certain level of power and then trying to put things together.

I need:

Windows. I don’t really care what version, except not Vista. I haven’t had problems with Vista, but I don’t need any more headaches. PLease don’t suggest Linux or Mac boxes, as I can’t use them, don’t want them, and have no use for them except as spitoons and urinals.

Enough horsepower under the hood to play World of Warcraft (this part is easy) and ideally whatever games might come out in the next few years. However, it doesn’t have to play them at some ridiculous resolution. I’ve got an old monitor which works fine on that end.

Third, I value RAM for than harddrive space or processor speed.

Fourth, it should hopefully come with the proper power supply at 450 watts or higher. I can do without this if I have to, but it’s nice.

No Dell. No Best Buy.

Anyone have a reccomendation on a model? I formerly payed more than I am willing to spend now, so keepit under $600. Ok, maybe right at $600.

what slot does your video card take?

you may need a 500W or better power supply depending on your video card.

You’ll want Windows 7 for it’s DirectX 11. XP only supports DirectX 9.0c. Windows 7 will also be better than XP at installing the OS if you use an ICH controller set for modes other than IDE mode for a SATA drive.

I hope this is not construed as a hijack, but I’m in a similar boat to the OP, except instead of gaming, I’ll need to do video editing and photo editing, plus I don’t already have a video card. I am interested to hear what recommendations may come.

I had been looking into MicroCenter’s PowerSpec PCs. They seem fairly legit.

Since you exclude Dell, go to a local PC builder and discuss your requirements with them.

since the OP is actually looking for imformed opinions, this one is moved from GQ to IMHO.

samclem Moderator, GQ

Honestly, if you don’t want a Dell, and you don’t want the pricey boutique I recommend last time, I’m not sure what I’d say. I hate pretty much all the rest about equally.

Here’s a list from Newegg for desktops in the 500-750 range. I guess Asus is pretty ok, but no point in paying for a touchscreen. I know a guy who likes iBuyPower/Cyberpower.

what about this one? -