Smoke dope, get a free car!

I’m sitting in my chair minding my own business and watching some bad television when I notice something.

I’m trying to concentrate on “Highlander” (the series, not the movie. I know, it’s not nearly as good as the movie, but sometimes Duncan wears jeans…) and they keep putting all these commercials in the way, and I’m kind of paying attention to those too.

What I learned from the commercials is that Amaretto is consumed by very hot people who use it for foreplay, that vodka is also extremely cool, that if you want to live the good life you should drink some kind of beer, and that if you ever smoke marijuana you will automatically be involved in an automotive fatality.

You might be the guy who was driving stoned when his little brother was killed, or the guy goofing on the drive thru when he ran over the little girl on the bike, or the crash test dummy who did some bad things to an automobile because he was toking, but if you smoke weed you WILL drive and someone will die.

Leaving aside the question of how the same network can show an anti marijuana ad directly before an ad for hard liquor without noticing the irony, it leaves me wondering if the legalization advocates have finally won.

Is that, finally, all that the prohibitionists have left as an argument? Are they left with the idea that driving stoned is bad? I agree, it is, but if that’s your best argument, the one that you are spending all that money to bring to the viewing public, then you might want to try to avoid getting yourself sandwiched between spots which highlight just how amazingly neat and sexy booze is. The breweries and distilleries tend to underplay the whole crashing automobiles thing, and they have access to better advertising agencies.

Yeah, the new anti-pot commercials are quite spectacularly stupid. But I still look back with a mixture of fondness and disgust on the old classics. You remember the one, where the camera perspective is from a surgical table, looking up at a surgeon toking on a joint, and he’s giggling and saying stupid stuff, and the voice over says, “Still say pot is harmless?”

Sure, pot should be illegal because otherwise the guy who is supposed to perform your heart transplant might be stoned. Of course, it would be perfectly okay if he was plastered on vodka…

You discovered this whilst watching Highlander.


Where’s the free car?

Faster! … Faster!FASTER!!!

[sub]my favorite scene from Reefer Madness[/sub]

Pot smokers get free cars??? Dammit, no one tells me anything…

Does it work like Marlboro miles?

UC Santa Cruz is located on High Street.

The street signs don’t last long.

I love the new drug commercials, especially the one with the dude sitting in the basement, smoking weed and watching cartoons. Oh no! I’m going to sit around and watch cartoons…wait, that sounds like a benefit.

I can’t tell from your profile, but this part of your post tells me you must live outside the US, since ads for hard liquor are not shown on US tv.

And all the clocks are stopped at 4:20. :cool:

They aren’t, bayonet? I see ads on TV for Captain Morgan Rum and I just saw one for some brand of vodka that escapes me at the moment.

Hard liquor ads are indeed shown on U.S. T.V. The liquor companies lifted their self imposed TV ads ban awhile back. I see them all the time now.

Upon further review turns out you’re right. For some reason these commercials don’t seem to make it to my tv, probably because my tv happens to be in Jacksonville, Florida. They banned all sales and rental of porn here, so I am not surprised hard liquor ads are not shown.

Want to know what the really funny thing is? It’s not bad!

See here (cites for all of those studies are on the bottom of the page.):

My hometown had both a High Street and a Stoner Drive. The latter was hard to find because the street signs never stayed up very long. High Street had a few go missing, as well. I knew a guy that took one of those.

Bans have been lifted. Hell, just last night I watched a Baileys Irish Cream ad that had a guy trying to figure out just which beautiful woman kissed him when the lights went out…or maybe it was that guy over there who’s ALSO drinking Bailey’s!!!:eek:

Much more entertaining than the old Harvey’s Bristol Creme ads…

They show amaretto ads? Like the stuff old Italian ladies drink by the thimbleful before they go to sleep? And they try to portray it as cool and sexy?

Strange. I gotta watch me teevee.

neutron, I’m all for decriminalization, but I’m quite certain that smoking marijuana impairs your driving abilities. Maybe not as significantly as alcohol, but way beyond what’s acceptable.

There was a time when I believed it probably just made you more cautious, but that belief vapourized pretty quickly after I was in a minor accident of such monumental stupidity that I quite frankly can not imagine it having happened if the driver had not been high. Four people in the car driving through a residential are, trying to remember the name of a minor character actor. The driver had it “on the tip of his tongue,” and closed his eyes in concentration. The car ahead of us obeyed a stop-sign, and by the time the rest of us realized what was about to happen and shouted, it was too late to avoid hitting her. It was just a bump, with no harm to person or property, but when attention drifts that far from road in front of you, it’s usually going to be worse.

I’ve also had plenty of opportunity to observe significant performance reductions while play simulator-style video games while under the influence of cannabis. No way would I attempt to drive a vehicle in real space and time. Unforgivably irresponsible behavior.

The hipocracy of the anti-pot ads has always made me laugh as well. My favorite is the one where the two teenagers are in their dad’s office and they are stoned and they find a gun and they imply that one of teens accidently gets shot. As Jon Stewart said, “Isn’t that more of an arguement for gun control?”

Just pretend I proofread that, okay?

Considering the subject, I just reckoned you were small when you typed it. :wink: