The most ridiculous Ant-Drug/tobacco message in media.

Commercials, movies, TV shows, radio, talk shows… whatever.

What are some of the funniest/ill-informed/annoying anti-drug/tobacco message that you’ve witnessed. Name a few.

Name a few, if you want, or just name one… whatever.


I nominate: All of them.
Do I win a prize?

I think the most recent Nick/Norm ones are pretty preposterous.

“So what you’re saying is that drug money DOES fuel terrorists.”



“Because it’s true.”

“It is?”

Yeah, great argument, guys. Cite?

“Tobacco is wacko”

Thanks. the only cool people who use the word wacko are the people who write the Animaniacs and the ones who write the New York Post headlines, (who only use it because it ryhmes with “Jacko” so well and so appropriately.)

Almost makes me WANT to smoke.

Then again that one is put out by the tobacco industry. Hmmm.

They’re drugging ants now? That’s just silly. Which leg do they put the rubber strap around, and how do they find a vein?

Lewis Carroll. After all, he said it three times. :wink:

I don’t watch television much, so I’ve only once ever seen one in action. Just hearing about how dumb they are really doesn’t get the sheer stupidity of them across.

This was one where these kids are in a car at a drive-up window being idiots and smoking pot and they pull away from the window and run into a kid because “pot delays your reaction time” or some retarded thing like that.

I’ve never done drugs in my life and I never plan to, but with drug-free propagandists like that, you don’t like enemies.

Is an ant-drug anything like an ent-draught? :smiley:

Well, I would never drive while high (I’ve smoked pot 6 times in my life, it’s been a year since my last). I had to pull a car into a garage, and my feet didn’t even feel like it was on the pedal. I am not friends with him anymore, but my old friend used to drive high. I hated him for that. But I didn’t ‘dump’ him for that, he just did crap like that that just pissed me off enough to realize the guy wasn’t my type of guy.

I hate the one where two kids are smoking, and the other accidentally shoots the other. There was also a commercial I saw where the slogan was: “Why would anyone smoke weed? There is no reason!” Right, that’s why people do it… because it does nothing for them! It’s just another case of people who have never tried it, who think they know everything there is to know about it and the people who HAVE sampled it.

Tanaqui, I admire your resisting it, but keeping an open mind.

I think the bubble boy Truth ads are pretty stupid. I mean, I understand that some suspension of disbelief is required, and they are meant to be humorous yet with a message, but what I want to know is how did he get that lunch tray inside the bubble with him, and how does he expect to sit down at a table and eat it, hmm? The technical impossibility of it just kind of threw it for me. Bah.

My Tivo is one of my best quit-smoking aids, because whenever I see any one of those Truth ads I feel like lighting up again to spite them. I know smoking is bad for you, but you could just say that instead of playing sleazy, dishonest games with the facts and doing stunts. I have a feeling these aren’t exactly successful at discouraging younger viewers form smoking…

My vote goes with with interface2x’s suggestion, I actually said ‘cite please’ in a sarcastic voice with eyes a-rollin’ when I saw that one. Are there really people dumb enough to go ‘gosh, one guy in a suit in a commercial said its true, it must be true!’?

It seems to me that a good antidrug commercial would be to take some old rock star and show actual before and after footage (like, Ozzy as a wild and crazy kid, and Ozzy now limping around with his cane and stuttering). But oh no, it’s much better to make absurd statements like ‘if you buy drugs, the terrorists win’ or ‘[shows egg]this is your brain.[fries egg] this is your brain on drugs’.

The thing I hate most about the new “drugs fund terrorists” ad is the the basis of the argument (no drugs, no drug dealers. No drug dealers, no drug suppliers. No drug suppliers, no drug cartels. No drug cartels, Columbia finds a new export, etc.) is the exact same argument that the “Legalize Marijuana” crowd uses.

There’s one anti-marijuana commercial I saw a few days ago that went something like this:
Two guys were in a bathroom stall during a concert, smoking weed and talking about what great weed it was.

A while later, they were still in the bathroom stall smoking weed.

A while after that, they were still in the bathroom stall smoking weed, and some police came in and arrested them.

Yessirree, kids, that’s why you shouldn’t smoke weed. Not because of any effect it actually has on you, but because it’s illegal and you could get busted for it. :rolleyes:

Its funny, with the majority of most of these anti-drug commercials, you can substitute alcohol for the drugs and the commercials would still ring true. Yet alcohol is legal. I’m specifically thinking of the one where the goes go through the drive through smoking pot and the one where the two kids sit in a den with the bong and one accidently shoots the other one.

Amp I would substitude McDonalds for all of them. I can’t eat there without getting ill, and it’s sooooo bad for you! That’s something kids should stay away from.
And Riboflavin had a good point, except look at what Ozzy really did all his life.

I’ve never seen an anti-acid ad (yeah, I get it) or an anti-coke ad or an anti-heroin ad. These are things that the average pot head will stay away from almost every time because they know these are the really dangerous things, but anti-drug folks have no bloody idea.

I think the worst ones state that smoking isn’t “cool.” What kid will take advice about being cool from a public service announcement? Smoking can be very cool to a teenager…it’s rebelious, dangerous & makes you an outcast nowadays. They should say that while smoking is cool, it also causes cancer, lifetime addictions, and you hit a point in your life where you’re no longer cool, but a middle aged person with chronic lung problems and an expensive habit, standing outside in freezing temperatures trying to get a fix because it’s illegal to smoke indoors pretty much everywhere.

Also, the ones that tell kids to make their own decisions and not be pressured into smoking. Doesn’t that also sort of tell them not to be pressured into NOT smoking? Of course, all the ads that skip over the health issue are paid for by the tobacco companies :rolleyes:

I almost started a thread about this ad. I’ve never smoked pot, but if I did, I can’t imagine that this lame-ass commercial would convince me to stop.

Aren’t there, you know, harmful effects that they could focus on?

[Chrissy Hynde wannabe, 70’s looking girl with bad hair and a red and white striped shirt] durrrrrrrrrrrrrr I helped kill a judge (WITH POT, KIDS, POT)[/that]

Repeat 30 more time was various morons and multiply it by every time I had to watch Channel One news last year and you have the most annoying commercial ever.

Oh, damn, damn, damn, how could I possibly forget the utter bane of my existance, commercials?

Seeing them makes me want to burn things. Anything. And then start smoking to spite them.