Stupidest anti-drug commercial yet.

Who is targetted by this commercial? The mom is crying about how she did drugs, then it shows her kid, who looks like he is about 10. He says “…and one time… I did it with her”

Then back to the mom “I kept pushing him… smoke! smoke!” then she says that of everything, that is what she regrets the most.

WTF? I’m sorry, but this is a pretty uncommon situation. What is the commercial trying to say?

Hey, don’t argue with those commercials!

It’s not complicated, it’s a FACT!!! And not because the guy in the commercial said so either-- no siree, Bob-- it’s a fact because it’s a fact and we don’t need to understand how or why or even if. It’s a fact and that’s all there is to say about it.


I haven’t see the commercial. Is it anti-drug or anti-cigarette?

Drugs. I believe it was pot or crack or something.

Then there’s the one with the girl taken advantage of by some guy who get’s her to smoke the evil demon weed. Reminds me of “Reefer Madness.”

I think the most inane one is the one with the two guys smoking fat blunts in a car, go through a drive-thru a bunch of times, and then run over a kid. That one strikes me as more about DUI than anything… Gordon Campbell should watch it…


Having parents who share their vices with their children is not that atypical* - the general excuse is “All kids do it so at least he’s doing it at home and not out in the streets.” :rolleyes:

*I’ve known two women who have turned their kids on to pot. No freakin’ kidding!

What I find weird, for some reason, is that the little girl was riding her bike in front of a drive-thru in the first place. I suppose it can and does happen, but it seems to me that the writers of that commercial were having a lot of trouble coming up with a situation.

Ulterior, so that’s what that commercial is about. I saw it a few times on Channel One at school, but never heard the sound to it. I always wondered what that commercial was supposed to be about.

That was the first one that came to mind while reading the thread title. Could someone please explain to me what logic in that commercial against pot (or, many of them, actually) could not be applied to alcohol?

It boggles my mind. Who buys into this shit?

The most stupid one is the commericial with the two pot-smoking boys hanging out a living room den, and after so many scene repetitions, the boy sitting at the desk looks down, spots a gun, picks it up and shoots his friend (I’m assuming). Why in the hell is a loaded gun just laying out in the open and why does it take so long for the kid to see the gun?

The people who wrote that commercial were the ones smoking pot.

Actually, I think they’d be better off just showing how stupid some people are when they’re on drugs or alcohol.

What cracks me up is the one where the kids are arrested, and then it says, “Harmless?”

Well, let’s see-pot is illegal because it is harmful. Why is it harmful? Because it’s illegal.


There are some stoners at my school I wouldn’t mind that happening to.

It’s real simple, folks.

The commercials are trying to say, “If enough people smoke dope, then eventually, as a result, someone, somewhere, will do something stupid enough to actually get mad about.”

And that, folks, is seemingly the best argument they can make. I’m not sure whether it’s because there aren’t really any decent arguments for keeping marijuana possession on the books as a serious offense, or that the people creating these commercials are too dain bramaged to figure out what those arguments might be.

What I find even stranger is that on each of the 3 or 4 occasions that the stoners in the car get the munchies, the kid just happens to be riding her bike in the exact same spot. Talk aobut your coincidences!

The thing that gets me the most about those commercials is that the whole idea is “if you smoke pot, you will do something crazy!!!”. At least that is my take on the whole thing. I dont think there has ever been a time where I smoked pot and got all crazy. Usually if you are driving while under the influence of marijuana, you arent usually going fast enough to run over anyone! The only time I tend to get crazy is after drinking shots of Jager, or well, any shot of alcohol. Alcohol makes me feel like a race car driver, which is why I take cabs or have a DD.

Sorry to post again, but I think Guinastasia nailed it when she posted:

Well, let’s see-pot is illegal because it is harmful. Why is it harmful? Because it’s illegal.

Easy. See, since the stoners get lit at 4:20 every day, they always see the little girl on her 6:00 ride to go see her invalid great-grandmother at the nursing home before she goes to help build houses with Habitat. See what pot deprives the world of?

I don’t think it’s all that stupid, but I knew a woman who shared a crack pipe with her very young (early teen) daughter while her preteen daughter got stoned. But that commercial isn’t going to mean anything to the ones who are already doing it, and the ones who aren’t, like you, are going to think it’s stupid. So, I guess the commercial is pretty much a waste of time. It took the woman getting a jail sentence to get her clean.

I just hope that commercial doesn’t give parents any ideas.

Little Billy: “C’mon, mom, just lemme have one hit! I’m jonesin’ here… c’mon!”
Billy’s Mom: “Well, you should have done your homework. Mmmm, this blunt is so phat. You better do it soon if you want any of this, 'cause this sack’s almost empty.”