Stupidest anti-drug commercial yet.

I think the most honest and effective anti-pot commercial you could possibly make would be the infamous video of Leonard Nimoy singing the “Bilbo Baggins” song.

Let me get this straight. People who do drugs, like, SHARE them with each other? Even their kids? I don’t know why you guys are comparing drugs and drinking then because NONE OF YOU ARE GETTING MY SWEET SWEET BOOZE!!!

::strokes booze lovingly::

C’mon, vogue, see…you’re missing out on all the profit that comes from selling.

I’ll let you in on a secret that not too many people know about. See, you go to the school yard with Dixie Cups…pour all the kiddies a sip (a tiny one, mind you) of booze. Now, the glorious part: the ones who come back for more of the sweet sweet booze, CHARGE THEM FOR IT. This allows you to drink booze for free, look greasy all the time and live in a mansion with hot sex slaves and and have a helicopter in addition to your trampoline rocket backpack, and your own choo-choo train.

The sky is the limit.

–mouthbreather, marketing genius.

Welcome back, 2nd Law

As to the OP: I haven’t seen this commercial, but have no doubt that it comes off looking just as idiotic as the rest of them. But please don’t doubt for a minute that this actually happens. I have a friend who works in an in-patient drug rehab for teenagers. I’ve no reason whatever to believe that this friend is unreliable, or would make something up. She says that a large percentage of under-17 heroin users in her unit got high the first time with a parent.


Oh my god! ::rubbing her hands at the prospect of her harem of 16 year old boys.::

On the second thought…ew.

Not to mention that would cut into my drinking time!

P.S. Welcome back 2nd Law!!!

Has anyone ever seen “Requiem For A Dream”?

It is a very good, but VERY disturbing movie that contains a lot of doing/dealing drugs (heroin, mainly).

If you want to scare the CRAP out of somebody when it comes to doing drugs, show them that movie.

I no longer partake myself, but I’m all for being able to smoke a little pot if one is so inclined. No harm done, really. The harder stuff, and the people it attracts, is bad news though. Luckily, I never got THAT into any of it for very long.

But still, after I saw that movie, I was in the fetal position for a few hours saying:

“I never want to do drugs, I never want to do drugs …”

I never got the impression that “DRUGS ARE BAD” was the point of the movie. I thought it was their dreams that did them in.

However, on a similar note, I had picked up a six pack and sat down to watch “Leaving Las Vegas” which had been highly recommended to me. I think I drank two of the six and gove the others away later the next day, lol.

Mmm… Elizabeth Shue…

Now you can watch ALL of the stupidest anti-drug commercials! They’re right here:

There are a lot of them. And they’re all mind-bogglingly stupid. Frequently hilarious, although the effect is diminished when you remember that your tax dollars funded them. The syphillitic amoebas that write and produce these celluloid abortions have definitely got a good hook up, and I for one demand to know where they’re scoring.

The ad to which Guinastasia referred is “Concert.” Illegal does not equate to harmful, you dictionary impaired fucktards. But thanks to this ad, at least the 12 million Americans that smoke pot have finally been made aware that marijuana is illegal. In light of this new information, I’m sure many will thoughtfully reconsider their habits.

Deconstructing the “Moral Loophole” ad is almost worth a separate thread.

Scene: Two men in a restaurant.

Citizen Norm: I got it. The moral loophole
Citizen Nick: The moral loop hole?
Citizen Norm: Mmhmm. I buy drugs, I might be supporting terror. Might is the moral loophole.
Propaganda Minister Nick: So you might be helping drug dealers shoot little kids? You might be helping drug cartels slaughter innocent families? And you might be helping terrorists do things so awful we can’t even [horrified whisper]conceive them[/horrified whisper] yet.

Thanks for crassly exploiting the World Trade Center tragedy to further your own agenda, you fucking degenerate pieces of shit. When I think my taxes paid for this repugnant filth I am filled with seething, boiling rage, and an urge to beat into unconscious the parties responsible with the rotting corpse of a porcupine. Fuck you, fuck the failed war on drugs, and fuck this ad.

And, of course, that’s based on a survey that involves employees of the federal government coming to your house and basically asking you how many crimes you’ve committed in the last month. What’s the guy who just hid his bong behind the TV when he heard the interviewer knock on his door going to say?

Actually, the thing I find weird about those commercials is that they seem to be doing a “Groundhog Day” thing. It’s as if they’ve shot multiple takes of the same scene, but the actors are so stoned that they just babble on without doing their lines.

Take the concert one, for example. Each segment of the commercial starts with the same guy (in a yellow T-shirt, IIRC) washing his hands and looking over his shoulder, but the stoners say different things each time.

What’s up with that?

I mean, Jeez, maybe the danger isn’t so much pot smoking as the fact that God is going to make you relive the same 5 minutes over and over again, for eons if necessary, until tragedy strikes? The game is rigged from the start.

My dear mother (incidentally, a non-smoker, very nearly a non-drinker, and a non-drug user her entire life) is of the opinion that these commercials aren’t intended to discourage drug use, but to make non-drug users hate drug users. The audience isn’t meant to think, “Oh God, if I smoke pot I’ll hit a kid with my car/shoot myself/rape someone” but rather “Oh God, those junkies are hitting kids with their cars/shooting themselves/raping people!”

She thinks this is a pretty stupid way to achieve a pretty stupid goal, but slightly less stupid than hoping to discourage actual drug use with these ads.

To play with each spot:

The two yuppies in the “so it’s ok to support terroism just a little:”
The tape keeps rolling and we discover that what they actually agree upon is to legalize pot, thereby undercutting the cartels while giving tobacco groweres an alternative.

The kids at the concert men’s room:
This tape can be sold to other countries. In the Chinese version, instead of smoking pot, they’re discussing Falun Gong. In the Cuban overdub, they’re discussing democracy.

In the Fast-food drive through spot, it’s revealed that there was only one person in the car, no marijuana; he was just distracted on his cell phone.

And as for both the “girl at the party” and “handgun” spots:
30 years ago I would laughs when, as a joint was passed around to me, I’d look at it and, in a Joe Friday voice, say:

“I smoked dope once. It made me want to rape and kill.”

Thank you for keeping the laughter alive, Drug Council of America.

for all those who don’t do drugs because # supporting terrorism is really bad, i have a suggestion.

grow your own.


quit looking at me like that!

I know people who did drugs with their parents, too… but usually when they were in their teens, and I don’t know anyone who was pressured into it by their parents. Not that it doesn’t happen, but I’d bet that it isn’t one of the “big dangers” of drug use.

Why were the kids smoking in the bathroom at the concert anyway? Everyone else just smokes in the concert itself.

Oh. My. God. That commercial makes me want to take drugs just to forget it.

“Dude- great concert!”

How the hell would you know? You’re spending the entire concert in a toilet stall!

The idea of linking something you want to discourage (drugs) to something people already hate (terrorism) is not new. Around 1965 they were producing short movies explaing how pornography supported communism. You can download them at