Smoke rings

How the heck do you blow a smoke ring? I don’t smoke and so I don’t get much chance to work on this, but whenever it’s cold enough to see my breath I give it a shot. To date though I’ve had absolutely NO success!

So what’s the trick? Do you actually have to use smoke, instead of just the vapor from your breath? How do you Do it?

This took me weeks of practice to learn when I was 16. No matter how many times people told me how to do it I had to learn it on my own. Basically you have to do it with your jaw more than your mouth. You have to open up and then click your jaw shut while making an O with your mouth and just barely exhaling. This works better when you have inhaled the smoke first. I can do this with my breath vapor but it’s way easier with smoke.

Or make an O with your mouth and expel a short burst of air using the back of your tongue and top of throat to make the air start moving suddenly rather than gradually. Tongue or jaw movement disrupts the flow and interferes with this method.

I think it helps to be a wizard, If I remember correctly it was Gandalf who was able to blow them of all different colors and even make them fly though each other and all kinds of other neat tricks too. Unforturnatly I can’t give you any first hand knowledge considering I don’t smoke, cause well, it’s bad for you

Good Luck