Smokers: This ever happen to you?

You take a drag, pull you hand away from your mouth, and the smokestream makes a perfect smoke ring. What is up with that?

yes, it has. it’s not all that surprising that it happens occasionally, given the shape of the mouth when you exhale.

what… no, I’m not just posting cause I’m so close to 1000.

Yes, many times. I would also like to add that I am feeling very cool, even though I do the bad evil smoking thing. My SO bought me a silver cigarette case over the weekend. I feel like I am in a 30’s movie.
Cigarette, dahling?

Happy 1K, 5-HT! But that’s not what I mean. The smokering doesn’t come from my mouth (altho I can blow smokerings like Gandalf. :wink: ) It’s from the cig… from the line of smoke that rises from it (the smokestream)

C’mon people! I CAN’T be the only person this has happened to in the WHOLE universe…

Lyllyan, thank you, hon! I thought I was hallucinating!

Cigarette, dahling?

You know, the weird thing is, that if you try to make a smoke ring with your cigarette, it never works, but when you aren’t paying attention it just pops out and makes the perfect little O.

Yeah, that’s happened a few times to me, too.

i know what your talkin about. i can also do it with a lighter. just flick the flint and dont light it. perfect smoke ring. its neat, cause if you hold your hand steady enough you can do it over and over again.

Okay, when you get really bored, do this:

Take the cellophane almost completely off the pack. So you have an empty space in the cellophane. Then with your cigarette, burn a hole in the center of the empty space. Blow a little smoke into the empty area. Tap the end of the cellophane and you get a gazillion little cheerio-sized smoke rings. I know, I know…“get a fucking life, Kalhoun.”

I have seen what the OP is describing and can do it pretty regularly.

IN a place without a breeze or wind, hold the lit cig vertically between your index finger and thumb so that the filter end is down. Wait until the smoke rises steadily from the end straight up. Then slightly move the cig up and back down (about 1/2") quickly so that the cherry goes into the smoke. The disturbance from the cig should make a smoke ring.

I can’t say that has ever happened to me. I do hate it when I am smoking and go to remove the cigarette from my mouth, but the damned thing sticks to my lip. So , my fingers slide down the cigarette and reach the cherry and burn the dog piss outta me. That usually only happens when it is cold outside.

Yeah, if6was9, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

BTW, have you ever turned $6 into a sandwich? :dubious:

Yeah! Always when you least expect it!
Kalhoun, I’ve done that. Little tiny smoke rings…

Another cool trick I’ve done…

Get a big wad of bubble gum. Take a drag into your mouth and hold it there. Blow a bubble and squish the smoke into the bubble. Then seal the bubble. Pull it out of your mouth (carefully.) Then just touch a thin part of the bubble and pull your finger away. Smoking Bubble!

How many smokers have tried what malaka said?
raises hand