Is "ghosting" for real? (smoking)

While I would never consider breaking the law, I have met people who have dabbled in recreational drugs. They tell me of a smoking “trick” called “ghosting.” The idea is, you take a hit and get a lungful of smoke, and then you hold it in for so long that when you exhale, no smoke comes out. The theory is that the smoke is absorbed into your lungs. My question is, is this actually possible, and if so, what is the cause of it?

It’s possible, yes. If you don’t want to break the law, you can certainly do it with a cigarette as well.

The cause of it would be most of the suspended particles in the smoke plating out on the inside of your lungs. You know, where you breathe.

Not that I ever… oh you know.

Yes, easily done if you can supress the coughing. Theory is that you absorb more of the happy chemicals, reality seemed to be a nice little oxy deprivation buzz that faded as the herbal buzz hit, not actually connected, but seeming to be.

There was a shortlived campaign here last decade about this - the statement (and I may be misremembering for some reason) was that the chemical release occurs during the first inhalation so keeping the smoke down just increased your risk of cancer/ emphesema / COPD for no acutual increase in your smoking pleasure.

It’s not good for you, etc. Give it up for the sake of your lungs and mental health, etc. The older you get, the more you feel the damage, and it does do damage. Your choice.

“Oh!! No smoke came out!! You didn’t take a good hit. Do it again!!!”

Damn peer pressure.

I’ve seen studies where holding smoke gets a little more of the active substance into your blood, but not much. For extra smoke/blood membrane exchange, hold your smoke in the lungs for a bit, then exhale slowly through your nose.

SLK, the efficient Doper.

Followed, of course, by a coughing/retching session that seems to last half an hour, but leaves your buddies in knots. “Now you’ve got it!” :rolleyes:

I’ve seen cigarette smokers take a deep drag, speak a couple of sentences with no smoke coming out, then exhale a big puff of smoke. I think the smoke goes deep in the lungs, and only air from the top is used while speaking, then the exhalation pushes it out from the bottom.

Yes, I smoke very rarely. If you take it in and hold it long enough, you ca completely breath out with no smoke. You can then talk for a while and several minutes later have a short, clearing-your-throat kind of cough the produces a puff of smoke.