Smoked silicone - odour removal

I got a nice glass water bottle for cheap.

It has a removable silicone “cage” to protect it, and the silicone smells of cigarette smoke.

I put the silicone by itself into a large pot of near-boiling water with a generous dose of automatic dishwasher detergent; still smells. Any other suggestions? Or just deal with it?

Hang it out in the air. Or maybe febreeze. I bought a cool library card catalogue file. It has 64 little drawers with brass handles. Cleaned it up and brought it in the house and immediately smelt cigarette smoke. I don’t remember people smoking in librarys. I aired on my deck for a month. I febreezed it several times. It got clear. Give it time.

It would be components of the smoke that have dissolved in the silicone and diffused into its bulk that are coming out. A solvent may help, especially a non polar one such as hexane. It might swell the silicone, which is fine, as the effect will go away with time (though the silicone might be a bit easier to tear during the swollen phase). This would open the silicone up and allow more rapid diffusion out, and solvent gradually evaporating at the silicone’s surface will be carrying smoke components with it.

Also, airing it at higher temperature would help. Silicones are generally stable at up to 200 C or 250 C; they have unusually high temperature capability for a polymer. But you don’t want it in a closed oven, you want fresh air blowing over it. Perhaps you could hang it in front of a space heater set to high.

I’d suggest either tossing it the dishwasher for a few cycles or using some combination of vinegar, lemon juice, water and heat.
These are the two common methods for deodorizing the silicone ring from an Instant Pot. I’ve never tried the lemon juice/vinegar method, but I’ve put mine in the dishwasher and it gets the smell out, even smells that have withstood cooking plenty of other things.

Thanks to all - I’ll try some of those.

I did discover that I have no hexane. I must have forgotten to add it to last week’s shopping list. :smiley:

Hey, I do have a “convection” type full size oven… Do you think that air is moving fast enough or at enough volume?

Yeah, a proper household, you should have a pint or so on hand. Did you ask your neighbors?

I suppose a convection oven would do. The air would be moving fast enough over the silicone itself, but the question is whether the oven fills up with such stinky air that it stops extracting anything more from the silicone. However, it’s probably not sealed all that well. If you open it and sniff while doing your heating, you want the oven to not smell terrible. You just want to smell a little bit of the smoky odor, if any. If the oven really does smell bad during treatment, keep opening it to let the evil essences go.

Thanks again, everyone. I set the convection oven to 400°F and put the silicone piece in there, opening the door from time to time. It smelled at first, then died down. I left it for a while longer, then took it out.

I don’t know how much effect my previous try with boiling water and dishwasher detergent helped, but in any case, I can’t notice a smell anymore. I appreciate the help.