Smokers; are you a klepto-lighter-maniac?

I have to admit I have a bad habit of stealing peoples lighters without the intent to. I mean sometimes its really bad, like right now I have three lighters in my pocket, none of which I bought.

So how about it, anyone else?

I used to, almost as difficult a habit to break as the smoking itself (haven’t managed that part). My brother is the worst. It cracks me up to watch him grab someone’s lighter, light up, then calmly continue the conversation as he slides the lighter into his pocket. If it’s my lighter, I just smile along until he’s finished and then ask, “Did you plan on giving that back?” It will take him a second or two to even realize what I am talking about. Even funnier is when he handed a lighter back to me that wasn’t mine.

Well, I bought a zippo in the hopes that I would stop, but alas, I must plead guilty.

Right now I’ve got about 7 plastic lighters in my purse along with my trusty zippo which is, as might be expected, out of fuel.

I’ve tried to make up for it in some small way by buying packs of lighters when I’m at the store and distributing them randomly throughout the day. Kind of a karma thing more than anything else, but I know that someone somewhere will find it, and maybe it’ll make up for a lighter they lost earlier.

Completely. At any one time I have 4 to 6 lighters that I took from fellow smokers. I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually purchased a lighter.

I used to have a big flower jar full of empty lighters, but the wife made me toss it.

yep, guilty as charged. I do it strategically, though: I have to in order to combat all the other lighter-klepto-maniacs who steal mine.

It all came to a head once when I realized that a friend of mine, as well as a friend of my roommate’s, were die-hard LKMs. I noticed the same lighters cycling between their two houses - via my own house, since they had never been to each other’s! I had to do it too if I ever wanted to light anything again.

So I married one of them and now my husband is an LKM, much like cichlidiot’s brother, he doesn’t even notice. If I don’t steal them from him he loses them, somewhere in the house, and I have to go hunting.

I used to be, I can do some neat tricks though, like snapping my fingers and the flame appears and clicking my fingers and the hatch opens (sorry don’t know what else to call it?) I guess the novelty of saying ‘I have a lighter! I have a lighter!’ wore off :slight_smile:

I, on the other hand, am a chronic lighter loser.

I will admit, that I haven’t lost one in nearly 3 months, but that’s only because I quit smoking. I usually lost at least one a week.

The Ultimate Lighter Thief. No, it’s not me.

Gad, no. I hate plastic disposable lighters. I hate plastic disposable ANYTHING.

I’ve used a Zippo since 1978. I’ll be happy to gallantly light your cigarette for you, but if you try to touch it you’ll draw back a stump.

Um, no, honestly. Well, honesty has less to do with it than the little German town of Bad Karma, I think. :slight_smile:

I have, though, if with people and not in a place where I could buy emergency matches, perhaps begged a spare lighter (as people often have the one they have just reparied and an at-death’s-door disposable one, or even another working one which I will then later return to owner.

In my own defence, that works both ways - as I try to carry some spare fire-making equipment on my person. It’s just that sometimes, other persons are more effiicient. :slight_smile:

guilty, but i don’t do it on purpose…