Smokers: Does this product make any sense

I’ll use this post to claim prior art if anyone steals this idea (doubtful it will hold up in court, but what the hey)

My coworkers take about four or five smoke breaks a day, but they only smoke 3/4 or a half a cigarette to save time and because they say they don’t need a whole one. Would anyone buy a pack of mini cigarettes. Same diameter as a regular one, but half the length?

There used to be a brand called No.6 that was really short.

There was also a brand called “Bucks” that were the same size and shape as a premium cigarette, but had significantly less tobacco and therby burned/smoked a lot more quickly.

Marlboro also used to make a pack with 25 cigarettes (regular packs have 20 cigarettes) that were each slightly smaller than a regular cigarette.

Here in Canada, cigarettes do come in various lengths. There are one or two 120mm brands (the American import brand More is an example), some 100mm brands (Benson & Hedges), many King Size brands at 85mm, and many at what we call Regular length, or 70mm.

Despite the fact that most Regular length brands have a King Size equivalent (DuMaurier, Export A, and Number 7 are some examples), most King smokers of my acquaintance stick with Kings, and most Regular smokers stick with Regulars. The time available to smoke has little to do with it (in other words, a King smoker wouldn’t smoke a Regular if they only had five minutes); rather, it seems to be more of a personal preference for the brand and size.

Your idea might work, but given the brand and size loyalty I see among my smoking friends, I wouldn’t bank on it. Especially with smoking as unpopular as it is today, I think a lot more research would be needed before you were sure that your idea was worth taking a chance on.

Maybe, but do you really want to get into the death business? :smiley:

“Try the new ACME brand Mini-rettes™ … all the flavour of a full-size, but they don’t kill you as fast!”

There wouldn’t be much point in making very short cigs. They are taxed by the pack regardless of the length. The amount of tobacco saved probably wouldn’t be enough to lower the price.

Like herman said unless they were quite a bit cheaper, I don’t think many people would bother (say at least 50¢ per pack cheaper, maybe more). The other thing is, I think most people would rather smoke the first half of a cig then the second half. (For non-smokers, the last half of a cig, is hotter in your hand, more likely to burn your lips (smoke is much hotter), better chance of getting smoke in your eyes, makes your hands smell more, doesn’t taste as good etc…). I think something like this may work if it had a longer filter or some sort of extention, to at least make it feel like your smoking a full length cigarette.

Former smoker here. I think people would buy it. Just put 40 in the pack instead of 20–same tax rate, maybe a bit less tobacco because there’d be more filters in each pack (or make each pack physically larger, I guess). This would be good for the people I’ve seen who smoke half of a cigarette, snuff it out, then put it back in the pack for later.

Now, the invention I came up with a while ago was for self-lighting cigarettes. They’d come in a pack that had a striking strip, like a pack of matches, and the cig would have a small match-head-like device right in it. So on a windy day you could just strike your cigarette and it’d light, no problem.

Hey, those companies need to do something to be innovative, don’t they? :slight_smile:

That reminds me of something very similar I had thought of years ago. Match head AND stricking surface built into tip of cigarette. Inhaling on the end of the cigarette would draw the matchhead past the stricking surface fast enough to light the match and the cigarette. (Actually this idea spawend from those little paper things that explode when you throw them on the ground, or pinch them, it would be those little rocks inside that would be rubbed against each other when your would inhale thereby lighting the cigarette.). I think the problem with my idea using the matches would be all the sulfer (or red phosphuros or whatever gives off that ‘match smell’) going through the cig upon lighting.

I don’t know about shorter cigarettes, but when I smoked I would get 100s, smoke half now and half later.

Voila! 40 cigs in a pack that way.