Smoking and food temperature preference.

I am curious if there is a correlation. Poll to follow, and my back story in a few posts.

Temperature control is key when smoking.
Watch your water pan and vents closely.
You should get at least 4 hour out of a load or your not maintaining it correctly.

My tolerance for food that is heat-hotter (and spicy-hotter!) has gone up since I started smoking, but that could be coincidence because I’ve exposed myself to a wider variety of food since that time of my life. I started smoking at age 20, and that’s right about the time I became more adventurous wrt diet. And during the three times I’ve quit smoking (for several months at a time), I never lost that tolerance.

I’m a former smoker, and don’t recall there being a big difference between temperature of food when I smoked and when I didn’t. But I generally get distracted while eating, so hot food cools off a lot before I finished it.

When I was a smoker, I never liked piping hot food.

I’ve been done smoking for about a year and a half, still do not like piping hot food.

I really disdain hot drinks and hot soups, too.

ETA: I always attribute this to my fatness and not my smoking. I don’t want to have to wait for food to cool down to shovel it in my face.

I’m not really sure if this is a thread about barbecue or cigarettes.

I picked the second option but I’m not sure what is meant by a more moderate temperature. I like my food hot, and will eat it right out of the pan/oven, but I’ll blow on it before putting it in my mouth. I don’t want to burn my mouth!

I don’t think that this is different than when I was a non-smoker.

I’m a former heavy smoker (down to 1-2 a day) who likes barbecue. Mostly Carolina style.

Ok I meant cigarette smoker, and food heat (temperature)

My husband will eat food that I find burns my mouth. He will make me, for instance, a bowl of noodles and I will let it sit and not start eating before he is back for seconds.

I wondered if this has anything to do with him being a cigarette smoker, as a few other people I know with high tolerance for high temperature foods, are also smokers. I was wondering if there is more than a casual correlation. Or if it is a case of “the plural of anecdote…”

Former smoker, always liked my food piping hot and still do. My husband is also a former smoker and will eat lukewarm soup and drink tepid coffee.

My boyfriend and I are both nonsmokers, and he likes food way hotter than I do: I prefer my food to be on the hot side of warm, but not piping. When we nuke stuff for dinner we always make mine first, so that by the time his is done we can eat at the same time.

I generally don’t drink hot coffee/tea or order soup a lot: I always have to wait for it to cool down, and finding that “just right” temperature (before it becomes too cool) is hard and usually not worth it. I’ll make an exception for hot chocolate, but honestly usually if I get that it’s because my hands are cold…so, while it’s cooling down enough for me to drink it’s being put to work in other ways. :slight_smile:

I really don’t think cigarette smoking makes much of a difference. It’s not very hot smoke that you inhale, and may desensitize your taste buds a little, but I don’t think it makes your mouth less sensitive to high temperatures.

It was just a theory, I was curious if other people noticed this. Hub finishes his supper ahead of me usually because I pick around at vegetables, my beverage, seasonings, etc waiting for food to cool. Yet, he never complains of burning his mouth.