Smoking Banana skins

we are now in the process of cooking banana skins, we feel this is necessery because we have ran out of green, so we are gonna be scabby students and make a broth aout of them, Ill keep you posted if we survive!

Oh and if any one has any relevant information about what we can smoke then let us know, we tryed tea leaves, pot pouri and other things, but it just aint that pleasing, sunshinekid UK

Sunshinekid, go read the forum descriptions again. You’ve posted 4 now (that I’ve seen) threads in this forum that are NOT ON TOPIC!!! This forum is for comments on Cecil’s Columns - The Straight Dope.

Your blathering might be tolerated (but probably ignored) in MPSIMS, one of our other lovely forums.

Oh wait, this one is almost on topic.

Now please go away.

Yeah!! Another looney!!!