So can you get high from bananas or not?

I’ve had guys at school tell me that you can get stones from the inside of banana peels if you prepare them right, and I’ve seen recipes for this on the web.

I’ve also seen sites that say this is a crock, and my older brother told me the hippies spread this myth in the 60’s to see if the cops would try to ban bananas.

So YES or NO: Can you get stoned from bananas?

If so, why isn’t everyone doing this, seeing it would be legal?

Because you can’t.

Never hurts to search before posting a question.

That did’t tell me squat!:frowning:

Ok, so it’s wasn’t the best thread for this. I could swear it’s been discussed repeatedly here. But the above thread does make the relevant points.

  • no you can’t get high from banana peels

  • rumor became widespread in response to the song Mellow Yellow.

Snopes is always a good source for these urban legends.

From here:

Okay, try this site. It shows you how to get an extract of 150% pure bananadine.

The banana hoax has been around since the mid-60’s.
It’s as true now as it was then.

Well, if you read to the end:

If nothing else, you now know to include THC in your searches to get the more technical sites.

screw bananas! it’s all about the nutmeg.


I’m resurrecting this thread to note that Cecil Says No: Will smoking banana peels get you high?

Jeez guys, don’t you know anything? I thought this place was supposed to be filled with smart people! Of course bananas can get you high, you just have to prepare them right.

Here’s how you do it:
Step 1: Scrape insides of about 12 dozen bananas into a nice neat little pile.
Step 2: Place pile into a frying pan.
Step 3: Fry for about an hour and a half, or until everything is black and crackly inside the pan.
Step 4: Wait for banana remains to cool, then place inside a smoking apparatus.
Step 5: Smoke the banana spliff.
Step 6: get disillusioned with stupid banana myth and smoke some real weed.
Step 7: Smoke so much weed that you forget that it wasn’t the banana that got you high.
Step 8: Tell you friends bananas get you high.
Also I wouldn’t trust the anarchists cookbook the guy who wrote that admits that it was filled with inaccuracies. I mean he actually says that growing weed in sewers, and away from ANY light, leads to a stronger buzz.

Actually, bananas will have the opposite effect on you. They contain triptofan, a chemical that increases the melatonin levels in your brain, and makes you want to go to sleep. Same with turkey.
Now, if anyone wants to smoke a whole turkey, I’d like to watch…

We smoke whole turkeys (well, sans head and feathers and feet and stuff) in our Weber grill fairly often…