Smoking fish for preservation

I was watching the Alaska Experience (God I hope those two girls die) and I noticed that they all canned their fish. Assuming the cool climate, if they were to coldsmoke the fish after 24 in salt and brown sugar, how long would it stay good? What about if it were hotsmoked? Any chance the smoked salmon would attract bears?

According to Alton Brown, hot-smoked fish would not be preserved - you need to refrigerate and eat quickly, but cold-smoked fish would.

(Cold-smoking bacon.)

Yes, but how do you keep it lit?

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Given the time of year this is taking place, bears might not be a problem. Generally, it’s a very bad idea to have any food items out. Bears will go to great lengths to obtain nourishment, and cabin walls are zero impediment.

I’m watching it now. I had the same exact question when I found your post. And HAHAHHAHAHHA, about the girls. I got a good laugh when I read that!

I learned something (s) new watching this show. Wolves are actually pronounced woofs. It’s “Davy Cricket”, not Davy Crocket like I thought. And Bears have Kids, not cubs. Man I feel like an idiot.
Why do they always pci the biggest idiots to be on these shows. Although I find it interesting that they’re in Alaska. It’s about time. I’ve never wasted my time watching “Survivor”, based upon my belief that anyone who can’t survive on a tropical island doesn’t really deserve to, and the human race would fair better without this gean-pool. But back to the point. Give me an abandoned hunting cottage, an ax, rifle, and fishing pole, and the camera crew can pretty much screw, because I wouldn’t be coming home. And “Finding Bigfoot”. I’d find Bigfoot, and trade it cans off Deep Woods Off for Deer carcasses.

Cold smoking means different things. Usually smoked salmon is cold smoked, but not dried. It needs to be kept refrigerated and still has a limited shelf life. If the fish is smoked and dried it has a longer life, but without salting will still degrade. Salting is a great way to preserve fish. Baccala, salted cod, with a think coating of salt can last for years. You can go even further and soak the fish in lye like lutefisk, if you like eating fish soap. Some traditional lox uses salt and immersion in oil. This method will keep the fish good for a very long time without completely drying it or requiring refrigeration.