smoky bars and the effects on Jackets

I frequent a local pub that is quite smokey. This smoke clings to my jacket and is not quite the smell I’m going for. What are some good solutions to removing the smoke smell from

  1. Leather Jacket
  2. Wool Hat (Derby)
  3. Windbreaker

The only solution I know of is to stop going to that pub.

Well, the most obvious answer is to wash the clothes. If they can’t be washed, then have them dry cleaned. And then don’t wear them to that pub anymore.

I have the same problem with my leather jacket. All of the dry cleaners I’ve been to send it to a special leather cleaning place, which costs a fortune. It made me think twice about wearing that jacket to pubs.

You might try Febreze, although I don’t know if its safe for that particular fabric. It’s specifically designed to get smells (particularly smoke) out of fabric.

I’ve worn both leather jackets and treated cotton dusters into smokey bars. The clinging smoke smell never lasts more than a day or so on the jacket.
If I put the jacket on the next day, I can smell the smoke. But if I put the jacket on after a couple days - it smells normal.
Just hanging up and airing out seems to do the trick. Is this not the case for you?

DON’T TRY FEBREZE unless you know it’s not going to make things worse for you. I am very sensitive to Febreze and have had a very bad experience with it. It’s supposed to not smell but to me it smells horrible and it’s incredibly hard to get the smell out plus it moves around like an epidemic - it gets everywhere!

Buy a red velvet smoking jacket, pipe, and then strike a Hugh Hefner pose. Can’t hurt, might help. :wink:

The smell should fade quickly if you air your clothes outside. I hang my bar-hopping jackets and jeans outdoors and they smell fine after a day or so (particularly if there’s a bit of breeze).

IMO, Febreeze is the (stinky) devil. YMMV.

One solution is to either come to New York City or get a mayor like Mike Bloomberg who bans smoking in bars.

The problem of smoky clothes after going to bars has been eliminated.

Look for a bar with higher ceilings - that also helps.