Smurf Doody!

      • Or, “Illegitimate Uses for Food Coloring”:
  • Is food coloring digestable? That is, if you ingest enough of a color of it, will whatever comes out of you be the color of the food coloring? -I have seen a fairly indecent share of smut on the net, and can’t recall seeing any colors except the usual brown and the occasional yellow. (guest question)
  • Will you turn the color of the food coloring? Did any of the test animals turn colors? -Before they got cancer, I mean.
  • For the benefit of Cecil’s legal council, perhaps I should also ask if large amounts of food coloring are toxic in any way, and what the signs of toxicity would be. - MC

Yes, it can be toxic, but only in massive doses – there was some news a year or so ago about the danger of Indian restaurants using too much cochineal to make garishly red chicken tikka sauces:

Yeah food coloring will color…um…used up food. Eat a bunch of blueberry Jelly Belly™ jellybeans, and wait about a day. I mean alot. More than an adult would really want to.

Science through child-rearing.

The occasional yellow?

      • Look, I don’t know how it got yellow. It just was - a very light brown/yellow. - MC