snacks/beverages you DONT miss from childhood

This was inspired by the "snacks you miss thread " but in this one its the popular/faddish snacks you tired and hated or were forced to eat because that’s all mom put in ya lunch…… or something the cool kids drank or ate that ya just didn’t get the appeal of

Mines a fad that still goes on today …… any “squeezable” fruit drink put in a plastic bottle …The sucked back then and suck worse now …… be they Kool-Aid brand… mondo … dosent matter they will always end up tasting like the plastic they came in ……
Another was this allegedly oatmeal type of substance that had gummy bears in it that appeared when you put in the hot water… They were gross and looked like you had a bowl of wet cat box litter …….that was the only time ive ever returned perfectly useable items back to the store for a refund ……….

Someone mentioned Space Food Sticks in the other thread. Man, were those disappointing.

Also, any cereal for children. I was one of those kids who liked bran flakes and shredded wheat. With lots of milk and sugar, of course.

Lots of my friends were Hostess Sno-Ball fans. I was and still am a Twinkies and Ho Ho’s guy.

I still don’t understand the appeal of root bear. It’s the only soda I won’t drink.

Plus, it’s caused the near-extinction of the Drop Bear.

My parents saved some money by buying instant milk. Terrible, terrible stuff. We only drank it because they made us. They finally started buying regular milk and I was like “What the heck is this stuff and where has it been all my life?”

Ovatine. Cream of Wheat. Nestles Quik, Hersheys syrup made better chocolate milk.
Some reason raisins were always disappointing to me.

As only boy and youngest in my family, my three older sisters would often play pranks on me.

One time they gave me a small bowl of Kibbles 'n Bits and said it was a cereal. I took one spoonful into my mouth and spit right out. So one thing I don’t miss is Kibbles 'n Bits.

Tang. The grape flavor may have been one of the foulest things I’ve ever tried.

Those wax bottles with the nasty flavored liquids in them were pretty gross.

Also, those dots stuck to paper so tightly you ended up eating a lot of paper with them.

Good & Plenty was also a candy I said ‘no’ to without hesitation.

Necco wafers. Yuk!

B-b-but, I’ve lost ten pounds on the Necco diet…

(I love Neccos so much that two of those chalky wafers will keep me from chowing down on 500 calories’ worth of candy and donuts.)

See, I teach at a school where everyone seems to bring sugary treats. there are TWO secretaries who put boxes of donuts on their desks, and one of them reeeeally wants everyone to “just try the cherry coconut one”. Teachers literally walk down the halls handing out treats from bags of halloween candy. And some adult students bake brownies and cookies and bring dozens to class… So I keep a roll in my jacket pocket. A quick dose of Necco-philia and I can resist the mega-carbs.

Now, I pit ANY candy that my grandmother had. She was born in 1900 in the middle of Minnesota, so I don’t think she had any idea of what candy was like in civilized society.

Seriously, she stocked up on anything that wasn’t quite sweet… Mary Janes (molasses lumps), off-brand taffy, old sweaty peppermints… and some weird little crystalline sugar shells filled with colored… perfume? Some overly-floral liquid.

And LOTS of horehound candy (millenials, I dare you…).

But my sister and I would spend a week every summer at her cabin on a lake, with nothing else to snack on. So we ate all this truly horrifying stuff.

IDK. My Granny always had good cookies and those puffy peppermint balls. And she let me have coffee. Well, coffee flavored milk. I miss Granny:(

Flicks, those smashed Hersey’s Kisses in a tube that weren’t as sweet (maybe malty?). I don’t know why, but I’d buy them thinking they would be better the next time.

Edit: Yes, they’re called FLicks and still available. Funny I never misread the name back then! :eek:

I don’t miss Kool-Aid or that green Hi-C.

Ribbon candy. A lot of it tasted like…liqourice? Anise? (although I don’t hate liquorice all-sorts). And it was sharp, it always seemed to razor- slice my poor tongue.

Cheap red ‘fruit punch’ or ‘orange drink’ in cans.

Cherry-flavored anything, drinks or jello or cupcakes, all of it tastes like kiddie cough syrup to me.

But… but… Astronauts! :eek:

Took me a while to figure out what ribbon candy was. Yeah, you’re right, the flavors never matched the colors. Red and white = peppermint, green and white = lime or spearmint and vanilla…nope!

I also hated those Christmas candies with colored cellophane wrappers. Red wrapper, you expect cinnamon or strawberry. Instead the candy inside is white and some mystery flavor!

Orbits, a soft drink you also have to chew…I can still remember what it felt like. (shudder)
Some kind of packaged gummy treats shaped like cherries that had all the flavor of ear wax.

My grandmother kept horehound around too. I love the stuff. Just bought some sticks the other day.

Now, circus peanuts on the other hand…blech.

Circus Peanuts. I saw them at an old-time candy store charging a premium price for them. Why?

Wax “treats” from my childhood like those wax lips or soda bottles with the nasty liquid inside them.