Snake eats centipede only to have it chew its way out.

This is just wrong:

Centipede chews its way out of snake after being eaten.

It almost made it…

Yeah. That pretty much sums up my own life, actually.

Are you the snake or the centipede?

Does it matter?

I’d be curious to hear from a snake expert on this. I saw a documentary that showed an x-ray of a snake that had just swallowed another snake. By the time the tail of the snake being eaten disappeared into the predator’s mouth, the bones of its head were already being broken down by digestive enzymes. In this case, the centipede’s head and forcipules seem more or less intact. Unless possibly once the head was inside, it already started chewing up the snake from the inside out, working its way down the alimentary canal.

That’s exactly what they found. The snake’s body cavity was completely filled by the centipede.

Cool. Thanks!

Nope. Nope. Nope.

AAAAAAGGHHHH!!! As if I were Not. Freaked. Out. Enough by centipedes already!

(Granted, I have never had the slightest intention of eating one. But still.)

So, that is how a Macedonian stand off ends.

I will not click on that link. I already know more than I’d like to.

What? No, the researcher. I’m always stumbling across some gruesome artifact which perfectly emblematizes the uselessness of our existence. You know those cute pictures of animals taking care of each other they always show on Facebook? Well that’s not what I get. I always get the centipedes eating their way out of the snakes’ stomachs, only to die anyway.

Now I feel like a fool for complaining about my heartburn.

Better than the scene from Alien, I say.

Better than the claws of the swallowed alligator rupturing the python which had eaten it.

Although the gator gets extra points for being dead when it killed its killer.

Gummies anyone?

I think I’ll just go over here and… become a vegetarian, or at least work my prey over with a rock before eating it.

I’m going to settle for not eating centipedes, myself. The things I sacrifice…

I think “no no no” while sitting, clutching your legs, and slowly rocking back and forward about covers it.

I heard one naturalist speculate that what happened was that the gator might have been too big for the python to digest in a timely manner, and had started decomposing inside, causing a gas buildup that ultimately blew a hole in the snake. (I’m not qualified to offer an opinion. That’s just one person’s speculation.)

No that picture won’t give me nightmares at all…