Snake Killing


I have a snake living under my concrete front porch. There is a hole on each side that the snake uses. I have filled them in and the next day the holes are open again. Any ideas on how to get rid of the snake?

Before telling me the benefits of snakes, keep in mind that my wife wants it GONE. A peaceful co-existance with the snake is not an option.:mad:



Are you sure its a snake? You’ve seen it, right?

Could it just be some chipmunk digging holes when you’re not looking?

Get a snake trap?

Google, “snake trap humane”, only one of many hits.

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Gee. I get in trouble if I mention seeing a snake in the yard that I haven’t brought in for Deb to look at. Just in the last week I’ve been bitten by a garter snake (s/he spit me out–I don’t taste that good) and I scared nearly to death what I think was an Eastern Green Snake (juvenile) by bringing it back to the house to be examined.
Frivolity aside, I agree with the question regarding whether you’ve seen it. Most snakes do not make the 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 inch wide holes that are typically labeled “snake holes”. Unless you’ve got a hog-nose or a very old racer, they simply don’t need large holes. (And most snakes, I believe, are opportunistic in using burrows created by mammals rather than actually trying to dig holes with their noses.)

Unless you have actually seen the snake, I would guess that you are looking for chipmunks or field rats.

Your wife is obviously a woman of rare and discriminating taste :). I love Green Snakes, but haven’t seen one in the wild since I was a child. One of the disadvantages of living on the West Coast. But I remember coming across one at about age seven or eight and being transfixed at just how green it was.

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Here’s where I get to brag about the Indigo Snake living under my porch, right?
There’s nothing like tripping on a SNAKE! when you get home late, ya know? She needs some big holes under there…

Wow, :smack:

I never imagined there was a whole “Snake Trap” industry. I was figuring on waiting for it to get partially in the hole and then grabbing the tail or something. :confused:
There’s a snake trap on order right now! And yes, we have seen it. I was telling her it was a chipmonk hole until we saw the last 2 feet of a black snake disappear into it last night.

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My Grandma used to grab them by the tail and crack them like a whip, which resulted in their heads separating from their bodies andflying off.

I believe it was an acquired skill

What did you fill the hole with? We had the same problem, a garter snake living in the gap between the concrete stoop and the concrete foundation. I waited until I noticed the snake leaving its house, then patched the gaps with Damtite® concrete patch,. which you can buy at the hardware store for a few bucks. No more snake. No more hideous screaching when sister sees snake.

I killed a snake a couple of years ago. It was the middle of the night up by Yreka and I hit a meter-long snake as it was crossing the road. Poor snake. :frowning:

You could always get a cat.

Our cat caught a baby garter snake once, but it got away while she was playing with it. For the next week she kept going back to the spot where she lost it, hoping in vain that it would show up again.

Or maybe some guineas. They hunt down snakes like gangbusters!

One question that I have after reading all these replies is “Why mess with the snake?”
I am not a tree hugger and will kill a ratttlesnake on sight (Please, no lectures telling me about their place in the natural order of things - I don’t care), but unless it’s poisonous, why do anything about it? It eats mice or bugs and that generally is not a bad thing.

Agreed with Diver -
live and let live - unless the bastard is causing you financial loss, and severe mental anguish.

You should know that in many states it is illegal to kill wildlife, including snakes. You should contact the local office of the state natural resources department. They might take it away for you.