Snake My Toilet!

Sounded easy enough, but how do you make the snake (sometimes called a closet snake or auger screw) pass through the serpentine pipe in the bottom of the bowl prior to connection with the vertical sewer/vent pipe? Do I have to get down there and hand feed it as far as I can reach??? Must I? :eek:

In deep doo-doo…

  • Jinx

Just keep pushing and turning. It may take a few moments to build up tension, but eventually it will slip right in.

Uh, what was the subject?

They do make snakes specifically designed for toilets… I’ve seen them in Harbor Freight Tools catalogs…

But if you don’t want to buy a new tool for the job, just keep working with your snake… it is possible to get it down there… I’ve done it before… it just takes alot of twistin’.