IS it a good idea to train Snipers during peace time?..Couldn’t they cause more harm then good, if they go bad.

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Of course they have to train snipers in peacetime. If we didn’t identify the pyschos and keep them busy, who knows what kind of trouble they would get into:)
Seriously though…
We have to train everyone in peacetime so they will be ready at a moments notice. We don’t always get an engraved invitation to a war you know:)

Exactly what Freedom said. If we knew exactly when wars would be started, we could mothball a lot of hardware. Plus, it takes quite a bit of time, years in fact, to fully train a sniper. An analogy would be the training of a search and rescue team if nobody has been lost in the area for a year.

I’m sure you heard the old joke about the female reporter interviewing a camp counselor on teaching kids to shoot guns. She says “You are equipping them to be killers, how can you feel good about yourself”?. He says “You are equipped to be a prostitute, but you aren’t one, are you”?.

We need to train snipers during peace time for the same reasons why we train tank crews, pilots, ship captains, SEALs, and nuclear missile button-pressers during peace time.

The reason is: What if there’s a war? We don’t rally have the luxury of planning these things in advance.