Snl 9/27/08

I think she’s adorable.

Not Sarah Palin. Tina Fey.

I particularly loved the “answer” about the $700 billion bail out. Paraphrasing: "and also… also support healthcare and put people to work and… you know… all of that… and the people who need it most will also… " [end of statement].

It’d be so much funnier if it weren’t true.:rolleyes: (Since a VP is supposed to have the qualifications to be president it stands to reason they should hold their own in a presidential debate; can you even imagine Tiny Peyfalin going up against even Huckabee/Romney/et al from her own party? Evander Holyfield v. Mary Kate Olsen, maybe.

You forgot the definitive head-bob at the end.

You don’t know how bad it hurt to laugh while I was watching that.

Now, how about the Obama-McCain debate? While savaging McCain over his stunts, there were a couple really pointed barbs at Obama.

Bringing up the Obama, Rezko link was a pretty good barb, it would be funnier if it weren’t true.

Yeah, and that led into Obama’s plan to cut taxes, including on bribes, kickbacks, etc. The 2nd one was diplomacy & the race card.

The most recent Palin Fey videofor those who haven’t seen it.

Great Palin imitation, lousy Katie Couric.

I love Tina fey, but I’d love to see Palin come on and play Tina Fey as a real bitch (I won the Emmy all by myself, etc.).

I thought the bit went on too long and that Pohler sucked bigtime. Shorter is better for these little satires.

I was sort of disappointed that they didn’t use the text of one of Palin’s actual long and rambling answers in the skit.

I thought they did! <rimshot>