Snopes on Facebook Fan Check Virus

Why does the first link re: Facebook Fan Check on this snopes page go to a google cached version of someone else’s Facebook page?

Is this Fan Check a virus or not? :confused:

From the Snopes article it says FanCheck the application is NOT a virus, it is just a shitty application that makes your wall and stuff look like crap. So they are getting rid of the app or making them fix it or something.

But since everyone is freaking out over this hackers have apparently made websites that are malicious. If you google “fancheck virus” you may get to one of those sites.

OK, I must be dense. Where are you reading a Snopes article? Like I said, the only thing linked to the Snopes link is another FB user’s page.

Is Snopes just getting lazy?

The link worked fine for me. Here’s a direct link:

Maybe they goofed on the original coding.

Perhaps you have the virus and are being misdirected. :eek:

The link properly directs to their page tonight. The Snopes page is dated 15 Sept so I’m guessing that the link was up before the page was ready.