snoring remedies?

I have a snoring problem - it is not the usual snore as on TV, but enough to have my wife tell me to turn over for temp relief.
But it comes back a few minutes later.
Any remedies would be appreciated.

Hub snores. I use soft foam earplugs. I can still hear him, but its muted and doesn’t bother me that much anymore.

If you stop snoring when you turn (onto your side from your back?) sew a long pocket in a t-shirt to sleep in that goes along your spine. Then stuff that pocket with tennis balls.

I snore no matter what position I’m in, so it wouldn’t help me.

Check with your doc about possible sleep apnea. Some people are sent to a sleep disorder clinic. Meanwhile, you could try those nose strips sold at drug stores. Good luck!

I too am amoung the afflicted - any and all suggestions welcome.

Snoring can drive people to commit murder, at least that is what my GF says…

I come from a long line of outrageously loud snorers, and out of compassion for my wife, I went to a sleep clinic, had the full assessment and had the operation, somnoplasty, but it didn’t work! It helped a little, but I still had apnea. So I went back and had it again, and I still snore. The doc said it was unusual, especially since it’s usually extra fat people that have the most trouble. So now I use a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine almost every night, and I don’t have the fatigue that I had. If your insurance covers it, that’s the way to go. The surgery hurt like hell, so I tell everybody to avoid it. In fact, I don’t really know of anybody totally cured by it.

If it’s mild snoring, I wouldn’t panic, but some people can make AMAZING noises at night. It can’t hurt to ask a doc, and a CPAP is excellent if you are having enough problems to need one. My stepdad’s mood is noticeably better since he got one.

I snore like a roaring lion, but it doesn’t effect my sleep. I have used some of the OTC snore stop sprays and have had some success, but they do not work well if I’ve eaten late or had a bit to drink within two or three hours of going to sleep.

Soooo, I have an Dr.'s appointment tomorrow to see what can be done to stop my snoring. There are two guys in my office that have had the somnoplasty surgery. The surgeries were done a little differently and one guy has about a 50% improvement and the other has about a 90% improvement. The one with the 50% improvement was covered by our HMO. The procedure that resulted in the 90% improvement was not covered, and cost the guy $4K out of pocket. Go figure!

I suffer from it too, and was tested for sleep apnea but it was negative. I take an antihistamine before bed and sleep with a humidifier. Takes care of it until about 4:30 in the morning, when the water runs out and the pill loses its effect. But my wife will settle for 6 hours sleep rather than the alternative.

Also, the nose strips and herbal remedies never worked for me and were only a waste of money. I plan to have the surgery later this summer.

I’ve always found a good shot to the ribs to be very effective.

Personally I prefer a pillow held tightly over the snorer’s face. Works everytime! The boyfriend doesn’t appreciate it though.

He says that he’ll try the nose strips, but I want him to go to the doctor and get tested for apnea.

I also recommend getting tested for sleep apnea. I found out that while I was sleeping, I stopped breathing many times per minute (hence the snoring as I gasped for air). My blood oxygen level would drop into the mid- and even low-80’s.

I got a CPAP about a year and a half ago, and it changed my life (and my wife’s). Not only do I not snore anymore, but my blood pressure went down by about 40 points so that I was able to go off b.p. medication completely. And I’m much more rested during the day.

My wife also uses earplugs. Also, a separate bedroom works if one is available.