Snoring, the straight dope please...

I came from a trip with an old friend with whom I had never before share a room with.

Boy, does he snore, and like the noise of a screeching car brake.

I told him about it and to seek medical attention. And he denied that he snores terribly, just the usual snoring of a good sleep.

Is there a good home remedy for snoring, no medicine and no surgery?


Susma Rio Sep

Not that I’ve found. I have been assured by my partner that I am quite melodious by moonlight. Although my partner did not word it in quite that way.

There are nose strips made by Breathe Right and others that did not help me. Breathe Right and others also make a throat spray that’s been sporadicaly effective for me.

Sleeping on one’s stomach is supposed to help in some cases. Not so in mine.

I’d like to have seen his face when you told him that!

This old friend is quite civilized, he gets offended but is not violent in reaction, just denials.

What I noticed about his sonoring is that it’s not all throughout the duration of his sleep. There are periods longer or shorter when he is quiet.

So, if only we can prolong the quiet periods, then he’s cured.

Snoring with this friend is not then a condition that is permanent during sleep, but intermittent.

Does anyone here know of how periods of silence occur, and any suggestions to make these periods longer and even permanent?

Anyway, I told my friend that his snoring is not something that is an inescapable feature of his sleep physiognomy (?).

Susma Rio Sep

I have been a serious snorer for many years - I could be heard all over the house and kept mor than my wife awake.

I have recently lost a lot of weight, and I no longer snore. At all.

If it seems appropriate, you could suggest to your friend that he lose a few pounds :wink:


I’ve heard of couples who sew a tennis ball in the back of some pyjamas - acts just like an elbow only automatic. (To prevent sleeping on back, which leads to snoring).

The weight thing might be an issue too. I went on a trip for a programming contest once - an older grad-student helping on the trip shared our room. Not only did his weight exacerbate the snoring, but even my strongest punch was easily absorbed by his girth!

I snore. NoCoolSpouseName would be very happy for a very long time if I did not. I’m not at all heavy. I too would love to hear if there are options, medical, home-remedy or whatever.