How do I tell a respected man in our group to stop blowing his nose at the table?

“You may think that’s socially acceptable, but it’snot.”

You could also stop serving him really spicy food. That typically makes my nose run.

I have hay fever and I have a feeling that if I could not blow (or at least wipe) my nose at the table I might starve to death or eat alone forever. Are there no exceptions? Or is he obnoxious about it?

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Repeated blowing or messy wiping should be removed from people’s direct view, so they should leave the room if possible, and if not move away from the table and go hide in a corner or something.

You could try asking “Do you need a break Bob?” to give them a hint.

If all else fails say “That’s a nasty cold you have there Bob, you don’t mind if I wipe my ass at the table do you?”

Consider yourself lucky. I have one who snorts it all in and does it multiple times a day.


Yeah, seriously, pity us poor hay fever sufferers whose choices are basically:

  • blow your nose
  • snort it in a la Sir T-Cups’s observation (this never works for me)
  • let it run down your face, which is really unattractive, not to mention unappetizing

“Would you mind stepping away from the table to blow your nose?” would work for me.

“Rather than blowing your nose at the table, consider instead blowing it at a handkerchief.”

First, stop respecting him. Then, proceed as suggested in any of the above posts.

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