Snow around the World!! How's the weather where you're at?

I’ve been watching the Weather Channel off and on today and have been transfixed by the story out of upstate New York about communters on a roadway that have been stranded for up to 12 hours. I can’t imagine being in my car for that amount of time without moving. I also learned that snow is causing many problems in the UK and mainland Europe. So share your stories of weather woes and what you’re doing to alleviate the aggravation of being held hostage by bad weather!

Snow flurries off and on for the last two days in central Wisconsin. No significant accumulation. Yet.

The generator is gassed up and ready to go, basic food stocks are in, firewood is available, so we’re up for a standard winter.

I live about 10 miles due west of where the Thruway was blocked completely by snow. There is no snow on the ground here at all.

No, this is a very typical winter so far.

I’m in Boulder, Colorado. We have had two snowfalls so far this season, both less than a half inch. It was 56° today and might break 60 tomorrow. We had temps in the 80’s in November, and in the 90’s in October.

It’s been very warm, and very unusual.

We had some snow in the last couple of weeks, the roads got really sucky, and they remain sucky and slippery (and the weather is turning cold again - heading down to -18ºC or so in the near future), but we’re not even close to trapped by it. Nothing really stops here in bad winter weather; driving and walking just get trickier. We haven’t had anything out of the ordinary here yet, either.

It was 81 today, which was very nice after several days of blistering cold- the 40s and 50s. Don’t be hatin’. :cool:

Oh, no hatin’ at all - I have every intention of snowbirding down to your neck of the woods in ten years or so. :smiley:

What is “snow”? :confused:

I understand there were some snow flurries seen on the top of our highest peak, Volcan Baru, in 1968. It’s been fine since then. :smiley:

As far as bad weather goes, we’re in the rainiest part of the monsoon right now, and it rained all day. I’m glad I didn’t have to go out.

December 1st we had a little fluff fall. It was enough to show on frozen bare areas only. Today it’s down to 21F. I had roses still for Thanksgiving. We never got excessively hot this summer.

I think we’ve had about three frosts so far this year. A week ago it was 80 degrees here. After the tornadoes blew through, it got cold. Highs are only in the 60’s, but it’s been sunny.

Seattle had the snowpacalypse last week. Where I live we had maybe 4 inches and 2 school days. Today it was foggy and then the sun came out and it was probably 40 degrees. The locals broke out the shorts. :slight_smile:

It’s been cool this week, around 67. At night it gets freezing at 50. Not too bad, I just throw on a sweater and I’m good to go.

24C and 79% humidity. Quite pleasant really, although I think there may be a thunderstorm brewing. It’s been lovely weather for the office Christmas lunch which we’ve just had.

It’s been sort of snowing here in WV [Charleston] and cold. We had a whoop-ass couple of storms roll thru the other night which precluded the cold snap. The ground is still too warm for the snow to stick so the snow melted as fast as it hit. Weather for the weekend is supposed to be cold and snowy but I dobt we’re going to get much. The mountains and southern coal fields are probably going to get stomped on.

34º right now here in Central NJ.

They were saying on the news today that we haven’t hit freezing yet but they were yammering about how it’s going to be cold for the next 10 days or so. Fine. The weather widget shows 40s during the day, 20s at night. I can live with that.

Currently 18 degrees F at my parents’ house in Green Bay, WI, where I’m visiting for the weekend.

Spent yesterday (Wednesday) morning driving through surprisingly heavy snow showers as I went from Chicago to Bloomington, IL, though nothing seemed to be sticking to the ground.

Some sort of snowfall is expected here tomorrow (Friday) night, as it is back home in Chicago (probably more down there).

Winter’s here. :smiley:

Chilly, I had to wear a jacket to walk to breakfast. Now the windows are open and life is good.

I’m in northern Scandinavia.

First snowfall in Mid-October. Last, say, three weeks, we’ve had some 15-20 (celcius) below zero (that’s roughly 0F) and clear, sunny weather. Quite nice, but a bit on the nippy side if you don’t dress properly.

There’s been several inches of snow in Prague. Hopefully the airport will be back to normal by Monday, so I can see what the weather in Brussels is like.