Snow for NCAA finals tomorrow

We don’t get snow in April very often. Tomorrow with the NCAA finals in town we could have a ton of snow. We have over 72,000 at the games. But the forecast is for from 3 to 9 inches depending what part of town you are in. Perfect timing.

At least the game is indoors. The White Sox opener should be a hoot, with temps in the low 30s, combines with 25-35 MPH winds. I think I’ll watch it on the TV.

When it sucks to even drink a beer, the game should be called.

The White Sox opener has already been postponed, although the forecast is only marginally better for Tuesday.

They could cancil the whole season and they would not be missed. It is only the White Sox.

SNOW? For the NCAA Basketball finals? This could ruin EVERYTHING!

I mean, how can you even get a basketball to bounce properly on a blacktop that’s covered with snow?

Whose driveway were they planning on having it in?

If I recall correctly (and I might not) Detroit had a very hard time getting a Super Bowl because the NFL was worried about all the corporate bigwigs being exposed to snow and/or cold weather, and that the outdoor events (aka boozefests) would be either less attractive or non-existent.

It actually didn’t turn out to be as crappy a day as they were forecasting, so the crappy White Sox game probably could have been played today instead of tomorrow. Probably there will be a freak blizzard or something to cancel the game tomorrow.

Jesus, a couple of feet of snow and you wussies come unglued! Sheeesh! Suck it up, then 20 laps!

Not a drop of precipitation, and the sun was shining most of the day. WTF?

Weather guessers on TV are not real accurate.

We got 7.