Snow White and other questions

Continuing the discussion from Peter Dinklage Rips Disney For ‘Snow White’ Remake: ‘What The F**k Are You Doing?!’:

Yikes. It’s a fairy tale, FFS. It’s not a real story about real people with achondroplasia.

Is it okay to say “fairy” tale?

I’ve been wanting to ask the following question somewhere:

How long until some group (you tell me who) sues some production company insisting that Porgy and Bess be presented with an all-white cast?

Or maybe an all-dwarf cast? Or an all-wheelchair cast?

I’m putting this in The Pit in case posters wish to be indiscreet.

(Bonus points for the person who can tell me which Joan Hickson Miss Marple episode that last part comes from.)

Peter Dinklage isn’t suing anyone, he’s just commenting. You might also hear someone somewhere “insist” that Porgy and Bess be presented with an all-white cast. I doubt very much anyone is going to file a lawsuit.

Conversations like those started by Peter Dinklage are useful and thought provoking. So would a suggestion that we stage a performance using only actors in wheelchairs. These are good conversations to have. No one is suing about it. We’re discussing it.

I think Orson Welles once played Othello with an otherwise all-black cast. It apparently worked.

George Gershwin made it clear that P&B must always be played by Black performers

Patrick Stewart, IIRC.

Re: Welles

Are you maybe thinking of Voodoo Macbeth?

“Li’l David was small, but oh my!”

…have you been dipping into Fox News or Breitbart? Because this seems straight out of how Tucker Carlson talks about Dr. Seuss and the green M&M. You’ve never struck me as being on the Trumpist side of the culture war.

No one is suing anyone. Peter Dinklage, a member of a minority, is starting a conversation about how members of that minority are portrayed on screen, and the parts they play. Like it or not, there is nothing about Disney’s Dwarfs that indicate they are not merely men of short stature, and they do tend to be played by actual little people.

It’s one thing to disagree with his complaint. It’s another to get so mad you needed to make a Pit thread and do the “what will they go after next” nonsense.

No, there won’t be a lawsuit over any of this. If you could sue people because you thought someone was racist, Trump wouldn’t be so slippery. And of course they aren’t going to whitewash a movie like that. They may, however, make the others.

And, if they do, and the actors aren’t exploited, why would you care? Why is this something that gets you so angry that you need to vent in the Pit?

At least with the thread about “people with vaginas,” I could assume you just hadn’t considered trans people. But this one just seems like you’re getting fed up with minorities daring to speak out. And that’s not at all the @ThelmaLou I’ve encountered here before.

You usually tell off the Dopers who would say stuff like this.

What makes that old Disney movie even relevant today that they think a live action movie is just the thing?

I find it puzzling.

Guess we haven’t seen enough movies of little girls being victimized by an evil Queen/witch only to be saved in the end by Prince Charming.

You should have kept waiting.

It’s been done, sort of…

You’re spouting nonsense again.

Not sure, but The Moving Finger was partly about poison pen letters, so maybe that was it.

Why do you want to suppress dialog within the community?

Welp here comes the incessant whining.

Not familiar with that one, but it has Amanda Bynes so I’m sure it’s been viewed in my house!

Whelpers whining whenever whereever wheezing woefully why why why

I think he called it “negative casting”, or having all of the traditionally white parts played by black actors and vice versa.

No, it was in A Murder Is Announced. One of the suspects takes the detective up to the attic where historical family artifacts and pictures are to be found, and then she departs, saying, “Shall I leave you alone in case you wish to be indiscreet?”

This thread strikes me as Snowflake whining.

“Oh noes! Somebody has pointed out that something I like has some aspects that bother certain people! Why do I have to hear such opinions?! What’s next, outlawing things I’ve long enjoyed?!”

Underling this is usually the idea that the world was better when those people with those opinions just stayed quiet.

Peter Dinklage, an actor, has expressed a view? If you don’t like it, argue against it. If you agree with it, applaud it. If you’d rather not be bothered, than just ignore the fucking thing.

Guess what? We live in a country of well over 300 million people. That includes a wide array of people, and means that you can almost always find an example of somebody doing something that you just can’t stand.

Big fucking deal.

Probably not long, because in a place with hundreds of millions of people, there are a lot who are stupid or so self centered that they can’t fathom things that might not be for them.

So what? Call me when Peter Dinklage, or some other person, single-handedly “cancels” some thing because they find it off putting.

(In fairness, I can think of one example of cancel culture: Colin Kapernick, who lost his NFL career because of the optics of his kneeling during the national anthem)