I Have the Hots for Peter Dinklage! (he's a little person...I'm not)

I’ve never seen him work until recently, watching last season’s Nip/Tuck. He’s insanely handsome, and he has fantastic charisma. I find him intensely sexually appealing.

But… I don’t know if I could get past his body. It’s not really his height…it’s the whole small packageness of him. But man…I’d sure like to try.

I’ll bet he’s always done really well with women. He’s totally hot.

Anyone else?

I’ll join you on that bandwagon. I saw him in a play recently “Things We Want.”

Not the greatest thing I’ve ever seen but Peter Dinklage made it well worth sitting through. He’s got a very nice stage presence.

Anyone with me on Wallace Shawn lust? Anyone?

If they actually go through with the George R.R. Martin *Song of Ice and Fire * adaptation, and cast Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister… well, you could hit me with a bus then and there, because I’d know I’d die happy.

moment of stunned epiphany

Oh, my god. I just started reading A Game of Thrones, and that would be absolutely perfect casting. And not just because Dinklage is a little person. Believe me, if you’ve read Martin, you’d know that just throwing Billy Barty (when he was alive) or Warwick Davis or David Rappaport (see parenthetical note for Billy Barty) in the role wouldn’t work. Okay, maybe David Rappaport. But the CHARACTER would be perfect for Dinklage.

You have got to see The Station Agent. He’s really incredible in a great movie.

I thought he was fantastic in Death at a Funeral. He is such a fantastic performer and he is a very attractive guy when all is said and done. I think he is kind of hot but I don’t know how easily I could get past the fact that he is a little person.

It was hilarious when he kicked Will Ferrell’s ass in Elf.

“Ohhh, He’s an angry Elf!” :.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll chime in again! I adore him and found that after about 5 minutes of *Station Agent * I didn’t notice anything about his height, it was all his presence. Agree that he is yummy in Nip/Tuck as well.

Peter Dinklage has been cast (or at least “attached”) to star in a movie adaptation of one of George Chesbro’s novels. Let’s see. . . .it’s An Affair of Sorcerers. If you’re not familiar with the books, the protagonist is Mongo the Magnificent, former circus acrobat, investigator of bizarre happenings, and the toughest dwarf God ever made.

Don’t feel bad ladies, I got a MILF thing (or is it a DILF thang?) for Amy Roloff of LPBW. I Think it’s her 'tude and looks… not sure.
…don’t tell Matt, he’d kick my ass.

And there’s Meredith Eaton.

I’ve always wondered how regular sized ladies would feel about dating a male little person? It would probably be less common than a regular sized man dating a female little person-- I think it would be easier for a man of normal size to date a female little person-- less of a stigmatization along gender lines, maybe?

Statistically, I wonder how it all breaks down? I’d be willing to bet there are more female little people married to males of regular height than male little people married to women of regular height.


Boy, is there ever!

I suspect you’re right. I know that in general we women tend to have a somewhat easier time being small; women aren’t supposed to be huge, hulking beasts. A lot of dwarf men have issues with it, and in my experience (I used to belong to LPA, am 4’2" myself, female, very rare condition) some tend to way overcompensate. But as far as percentages, I have no idea.

And Peter Dinklage is a serious hottie! Also a good actor. You can imagine how hard it is to find actual acting parts if you’re four feet tall, and he’s pulled it off. Yowza.

In the great, unheralded Living in Oblivion, he plays an actor who is enraged that the character he is playing is a dwarf.

I haven’t seen that, Contrapuntal, but in a quote I’ve read from it he definitely has a point. Want a weird scene? Put a dwarf in it! No wonder he’s pissed. I would be too.

I need to watch the movie just for that bit, really. Too true.

Well, the whole movie is a satire. And it’s the *character *who’s complaining, not Dinklage. He does come into a sort of a dream sequence (a la Twin Peaks, if I recall correctly,) but he’s far from the only weird thing in the movie. Basically, he’s asking why the producers casted a dwarf to play a dwarf.

Anyway, the whole movie is an exercise for the director (played by Buscemi) to try to maintain control over an indie film that is slowly but surely slipping away from him. Well worth renting, and I would be interested in your take on it if you do see it.

She’s hawwwt.

Ditto on the crickets. Seriously?

Yep, he’s kinda funny and mole-like looking but he does something for me. He also comes across as extremely intelligent and interesting when I’ve seen him interviewed so that has something to do with it as well.