Snowpocalypse 2011!

Here in the St. Louis area they are calling for around 10 inches of snow. The bad part is the inch of ice before the snow hits. Last time we had ice like this I was without power for 3 days, and im not looking forward to it. It was bad enough with just me and my wife, but now we have a nine month old deal with.

It’s a good thing I don’t live in Buffalo, cause I’m a wintry mix pussy.

Actually, we haven’t had an ice storm like the one you describe since I moved to this area in 2002.

And also come to think of it we haven’t had a really bad snow storm like the one planned to hit here on Tuesday/Wednesday in almost two years. In fact, the kids have not had a snow day all year, and only one last year. NYC had more snow last Thursday than we’ve had all season*. I’d say it’s been a strange winter in Buffalo, but this is almost starting to become the norm now.

*ETA: Apparently at the airport they’ve had 60 inches of snow this year. I’ve got a hard time believing that. Where I live it’s probably been less than 20, and we’ve only got about 3 inches on the ground right now.

The snowbanks here (southern New Hampshire) are taller than my car, making city driving pretty nerve wracking (can’t see down cross streets).

They’re predicting 2"-4" more tomorrow and perhaps 20" on Wednesday!

Here in SE Michigan they’re forecasting somewhere between 12 and 18 inches, with the heavy stuff expected during morning rush hour on Wednesday. If I’m lucky my employer will authorize a late start (or no start at all).

The local news is making this out to be the “Blizzard of DOOOOOOOOOM!” I just wish they had held off until today to announce it. The grocery store was hell yesterday as everyone stocked up.

But really, 12-20" is nothing more but a few flurries to us tried and true Midwest Winter Warriors.

We got a dump of snow this weekend, but it was after a few days of chinook, so most of the old snow had melted. I have to go out and shovel the sidewalk again today, and the roads are really bad, though - so friggin’ icy! Oh yeah, I forgot about the -33ºC temps (-25ºF to the metrically challenged) - they gloss up the roads real nice.

I think I had a point; snow and ice and cold BAD!

At least this big monster storm of the decade is staying up north, where it belongs. We’ve had about 8 snow days this month here in Nashville - it just ain’t natural. Predicted hi temp tomorrow: 62 degrees. :cool:

We just got a warning here in DC about this storm. The weather warning map shows a bright red path that leads from St. Lous to the east coast. My suggestion that we go ahead and nuke St. Louis before they can carry out their attack has gone unheeded.

The NWS is calling it ‘Potentially catastrophic’ for Indiana. :eek:

Us Hoosier folk are expecting at least an inch or more of ice, followed by snow.

Yippee. :rolleyes:

At least I don’t live in northern Indiana, which is expecting 20 to 24 inches of snow between now and Thursday morning. Those folk I don’t envy.

The work 'top goes home with me this evening and I very much doubt I’ll be back in the office before Thursday if all this comes together like they’re claiming.

For once, ‘Chicken Little tv’ - my name for WISH-TV (Channel 8, our central Indiana CBS affiliate) - isn’t the only one screaming gloom and doom. They’re **all **hollering it today.

Yippee again. :rolleyes:

The biggest concern is losing power. Gonna get damn cold at Casa Scubaqueen if that happens.

The bulk of it will be south of me. Bancroft should see maybe 15 cm total over Tuesday and Wednesday.

That said, Toronto is expecting double that, and I am delaying my travel until Thursday.

I’m in west central Indiana, and we’re getting the freezing rain now. I just put down some salt on our front and back outside steps, so we can get the dogs in and out to potty. They’re both old, and slippery steps don’t help them much! Our local weather-guesser has said we’re expecting up to 2" of ice, and then winds anywhere from 35 to 40mph on Wednesday. That won’t be good. I imagine we’ll lose our power before it’s all said and done.
I’m so ready for spring to get here. Of course, then we’ll have the severe storms/tornadoes to deal with. You just can’t win around here.

Latest forcast for St. Louis: 1in. of ice followed by 3-4 inches of sleet followed by 8-10 inches of snow.

Oh goodie.

There’s a slight chance of flurries here later this week. DOOOM!

My contingency plans include taking my laptop home tonight and stocking up on diet coke. Getting snowed in is starting to sound darn attractive actually.

They say we’ses in New Jersey (south) are just going to get some wintry mix and maybe ice. Doesn’t sound so hellacious. Snow is melting here somewhat.

I’m supposed to be flying from Buffalo to Houston with a stopover in Chicago on Wednesday.

I anticipate problems.

Here in central Illinois we are expecting an inch of ice and then a deep snow cover. I can handle the snow, but I hate being without power. I’m hoping we don’t lose it, but I’m not optimistic. It’s just started and already the power is out in a town about 20 miles away.

I’m able to take unscheduled telework if the weather is bad enough. Didn’t go anywhere Thursday with all the snow & ice we got that night but we lost power with just over two hours left in my workday. It wasn’t downed lines but a blown transformer up the street; took Dominion ~24 hours to restore power due to all the other outages earlier!

About three hours ago, we got approval for unscheduled telework tomorrow. I had already informed my boss that I’m staying here (today is one of my scheduled telework days) if the expected ice keeps me from getting to the bus stop, assuming the buses continue operation on our hill.

Just got home from work, and the Maple tree out front is already droopy from the ice. Which is a horrible sign as I live in a older neighborhood with lots of big trees.

The news hype is incredibly annoying but…I’ll tolerate it and hope that all of my preparations are for naught. I love being snowed in when it’s fluffy and decorative, while everything is working and I can watch the birdfeeder and read and bake all day, but no power/heat/H2O for more than 24 hours sucks dogs. We already have 2’ plus on the ground here in CT, totally not average.

I had to do “disaster” prep at two houses after work tonight before even arriving at home to do my own: my 89-year-old dad & his Ghanian caretaker who has no experience with this white stuff, then my learning disabled sister. H2O reserves for the flush? Flashlights? Batteries? Candles? Matches? Phone charged? Blankies? My own discomfort is an annoyance, but the gnawing concern about how the less-capable are faring is draining.
Seems like forever ago we had to bucket-flush or ration for tooth brushing, but we definitely lived like cavemen for a full 3 days back in '78. Not looking forward to this and hoping it’s all hype. Snowmageddon!! UGH.

I totally hope it turns out to be nothing and we just dump out all the water on Wednesday, but I’m sure not leaving it to chance.

Oh and when I look out my bedroom window at the Tree of Death, which is 10 times the size of my house and is guaranteed to erase me from existence in one fell swoop, I start to feel a little concerned about tons of ice coverage. :frowning: