Snowthrowers are awesome

…and a woman who can wield one is a goddess. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is all.

(why yes, I do like power tools. And my driveway is now clear.)

Yeah they are. We don’t have enough need to buy one, but it would have come in handy Feb 15 when the plow truck wasn’t coming and my landlord claimed to have a bad back.

Alas, my rusty trusty little snowblower can’t get through this mess.

So I sent my roomie out with a shovel and told him to have fun.

But yes, I too love the whine of a snowblower.

Ours is not as powerful as the neighbors’, but if I do it for every 3-4" accumulation, it’s enough. I’m hoping no more than 6" piles up overnight.

Where in Minnesota are you?

I’m in Crystal (hop, skip, jump from Minneapolis) and he shoveled at 1:30… there’s already at least another 3-4" back out there.

And our street out front is pure ice.

Burnsville area, south metro. I haven’t been out in the car in a few hours now, but the main roads were just slushy then. Usually, by the time the plows get to our neighborhood, the main roads are good.

Andover, here… with 100’ of driveway almost done by snowblower, the neighbor called and said her husband was stuck in Boston… could I get their drive, too?

HandyWoman to the rescue!

I bow to your superior powers! (and I hope someone made you a mug of hot chocolate)