So 666 is NOT the number of the Beast!

According to this it’s actually (originally) 616

I predict at least half of this thread will consist of “Number of the Beast” jokes.

To get it started: 616 – The Beast’s little brother.

The Oxyrhynchus Papyri are dated very close to the dates for the Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus and all three are at least 150 years later than the Irenaeus “debunking,” so what we really have is simply evidence that one set of manuscripts with the “616” figure continued on despite the objections of Irenaeus (which we already knew because it appears in the fifth century Codex Ephraemi).

Let the jokes resume.

I dunno, Tom; no offense, but I didn’t think yours was very funny.

Nott has mercifully deleted several late-50s-early 60s pop music references. You’ll thank me later. Really, you will.

No, it’s just the Area Code.

The number’s unlisted, because He doesn’t want to be bothered by fundies and would-be Satanist poseurs.

Yeah, several of my books report that “some manuscripts” say “616” instead of “666”. So it’s ambiguous – it’s not “really” one or the other.

For lotsa “666” jokes so to . I think she’s got a whole section of button-sized quips.

This was mentioned on QI last week. One of the guests suggested that this was actually the fax number of the beast.

So that where all those spamfaxes come from!

I grew up in Whitby, Ontario, in the seventies and eighties. Our exchange code (the middle three digits of a North American phone number, between the area code and the line number) was 668 (well, except for the mutants over on the east side of town, who were served from neighbouring Oshawa and had 430). The town grew. They assigned another exchange code: 666.

We had a 668 number. My stepbrother, just down the street, and a 666 number. So I was the Neighbour of the Beast. :slight_smile:

Now, of course, they also have 665 numbers…

I bet it was a typo and the number is actually 661 which was meant to be the area code of the Beast. It makes perfect sense as naturally the beast would live in Bakersfield.


Must be some kind of Satanic area code overlay.

Heh. According to Wikipedia, Whitby now has exchange codes 217, 430, 444, 493, 556, 665, 666, and 668 in area code 905, and 893 in the new overlay area code 289. According to CNAC, exchange code 217 belongs to Call-Net Communications. 493 is Rogers Cable Communications (cable phone service). 430, 444, 493, 556, 665, 666, 668 belong to Bell Canada. And 893 belongs to Fido, a cellphone company.

The little town we moved to in 1970 has grown up! (Actually, it has metastatised into a monster of suburban spraw with 110,000 inhabitants, and all the places I played in when I was a kid have been paved over, but I digress.

So where are the various 666 exchange codes in the different area codes?

668 Neighbor of the Beast

In the 530 are code, 666 is Woodland, CA. (My son has one of those.) I’m trying to remember, I think Woodland also includes the zip code 95666. I’ll have to check on that, though.

95666 is Pioneer, CA

665 is the number of the guy that lives across the street from the beast.

Okay… 666 in Canadian area codes:

204-666 Not assigned, Manitoba
226-666 Not assigned, Southwestern Ontario
250-666 Grand Forks, British Columbia (Rogers Wireless)
289-666 Not assigned, Southern Ontario
306-666 Maple Creek, Saskatchewan (SaskTel)
403-666 Etzikom, Alberta (Telus)
416-666 Toronto, Ontario (Rogers Wireless)
418-666 Quebec City, Quebec (Bell Canada)
438-666 Not assigned, Montreal, Quebec
450-666 Laval-Est, Quebec (Bell Canada)
506-666 Not assigned, New Brunswick
514-666 Montreal, Quebec (Allstream)
604-666 Vancouver, British Columbia (Telus)
613-666 Not assigned, Eastern Ontario
647-666 Not assigned, Toronto, Ontario
705-666 Moonshine, Ontario (Bell Canada)
709-666 Not assigned, Newfoundland and Labrador
778-666 Not assigned, British Columbia
780-666 Not assigned, Alberta
807-666 Not assigned, Northwestern Ontario
819-666 Sanmaur, Quebec (Telebec)
867-666 Not Assigned, Yukon/NWT/Nunavut
902-666 Not assigned, Nova Scotia
905-666 Whitby, Ontario (Bell Canada)


Oh, I missed one:

519-666 Ilderton, Ontario (Bell Canada)

666 can result in some people doing strange things. A friend of mine worked in a group that bought a retirement party for one of their coworkers. I think it was a toaster or something along those lines. At the retirement party, when the gift was given him he noticed that the Serial No. ended in 666 and refused to accept it. The party atmosphere turned a tad strained.

1010011010 will have to change his username to 1001101000 now.

Whoa. Is that a coincidence? I always thought it was just 101-0011-010, all patterny and stuff. 1010011010, care to step in and explicate?