So, a Half-Cherokee, Half-Eskimo, Israeli Soldier Girl Walks Into A Bar...

…then pounds her fist on the table, and shouts “THIS AIN"T NO ETHNIC JOKE! I REALLY AM A HALF-CHEROKEE, HALF-ESKIMO, ISRAELI SOLDIER GIRL!..why are you all laughing?”

Oh, how strange life is.

If we wrote this into a novel, the editor would reject it as “unrealistic”…

:eek: :confused: and I suppose ;j .

Yeah…you put together the stereotype of Eskimos rubbing noses and the stereotype of Jewish noses, and… Well, there’s gotta be a joke in there somewhere. :slight_smile:

You mean that wasn’t your nose I was rubbing, Moishe?

Someone was once talking about really small minority groups or political correctness or something (you know, black lesbians in wheelchairs, etc.), and randomly mentioned a “…gay Muslim albino…”. It was funny because my first boyfriend was a gay Muslim albino.

Congrats matt, you turned yet another topic into a gay issue.

Right, because mentioning something from my life immediately makes any discussion into a gay issue. :rolleyes:

Knowed Out, please go soak your head.

That is all.

What, so all you have to do to turn something into a gay issue is to say the word “gay”?:confused:

Personally, matt, I’m more upset about how you managed to turn this topic into an albino issue. Stop hijacking already!

Thank you all for turning my happy little thread into a war zone. :mad:

Other than a certain someone’s posts, it’s still a happy little thread and rather amusing, too.

Heavens! You mean the world isnt just black and white, us and them? But really its really sorta brown and and we?

Whodda thunk it? :wink:

She’s pretty.

Whoops, just gayed the thread up some more. Sorry, KnowedOut. :rolleyes:

I once bought a car from Gay Pontiac in Lamar, Texas.

You know how dealers put their logos on the rear end of cars? :smiley:

Back to the OP:

[Joel Robinson double take]