So and So is "TEH SUXORS!!!" Whaaaaa???

What is this baffling internet-speak? If I read “CUBS ARE TEH SUXORS!!!” does that translate as “The Cubs are the suxors” or “The Cubs are the suckers”? Why is “the” misspelled as “teh”? What does that mean? I can see the shortened “sux” for “suck” but I don’t get the “teh”. Where can I get educated about this? I’m so behind…

I don’t think you want to be educated about it, really. “Teh” is just r33t h4cxors speak for “the,” cuz it’s cool. (Obviously :rolleyes: :D)

I could be wrong, but I believe that a lot of that is imitation of JeffK speak.

So what Tax Guy just typed was:

“Teh” is just reet hackers speak for “the”

That would be leet hackers. I’m not sure what “leet” is slang for, however. Possibly “elite” but I’m not positive.

Teh suxors means “they suck” or something to that effect.

“teh w00t” would mean “cool”

“teh secks” = “sexy”

and so on…

“r33t” comes from “l33t”, which comes from “leet”, which comes from “elite.”

‘teh suxors’ means ‘they suck’, the teh is just added on for good measure.

1337, leet, etc directly translates to “elite”.

The phrase “TEH SUXORS” means [object] sucks. Depending on context, it could be sarcastic, lighthumored, but rarely very serious.

“teh” is a common miss-spelling of “the” when one is typing too fast. Thus, it caught on to deliberately miss-spell it. “suxors” is a derivative of “rox/roxors”, or “rocks”. It is the opposite,obviously. the “xor” suffix is added for parallelism, basically.

Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

Sux0rs - possible antonyms: rox0r, awesome (e.g. - “OMGWTFLOL!!!1111 You all sux0r - I am teh awesome!!1!111”)

This thread makes me LOLLERSKATE!!!11oneone

It’s supposed to be funny.

Another favorite: OMG Cubs IS huge, LOL!!

“they r teh suxx0rs” = they suck
“they r teh r0xx0rs” = they rock
“they r teh fuxx0rs” = they’re screwed

Cecil Adams on What the heck is “leetspeek?”

I will second that I picked it up (and I assure you, I use it only for intended humor) from

Hint: JeffK is not a real person.


Leslie CarOWNED!

Note that Ghastly’s comic is NOT work safe. And sometimes quite offensive. However, it does offer a good definition of 133+5p34k.

Nothing to add on the subject, just a pointer to my favorite example of 133+5p34k.

Suddenly it all makes sense now.


Y’all forgot my very favorite aspect of leet, which is the exclamation marks. The most egregious is when the following happens:

“Teh CUBS Suxors!!!11!!ONE!111”

It should be noted that the use of all caps + many exclamations points + some 1s is derived from BIFF, the prototypical idiot leetspeaker.

Wait, there is a 1331 speaker that ISN’T an idiot?

¥3@µ, 7µ053 //µ0 |)0||7 //@|<3 @ µ@ß¡7 0ƒ 7µ¡5.

Once one gets used to writing 1337, one probably doesn’t need as much intelligence.