Why teh?

Further to this thread about the word pwned, it references this thread which includes the word **teh ** which obviously is standing in for **the **- but why?

it’s a mis-type of “the” which has become a cute, in-the-know part of online communication - if you say “we all know X is teh Evil” it is the equivalent of the classic 80’s “Dude - X is bogus”…

It’s the same reason that “pwned” came from “owned”…it’s just a frequent typo that’s become slang.

“pwned” and “teh” are frequent typos of “owned” and “the”. It has become a common joke to type them incorrectly intentionally. They are making fun of people who cannot type correctly.

Ah! I’ve obviously got to get more hip and groovy to teh scene, man.

“They” are not always making fun. Some folks (I play a couple online MMORPGs) just think it’s cool slang. Makes them feel l33t. :wink:

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Let me correct that.



I’ve found that “teh” usually precedes a word or phrase that is intended to be used ironically or sarcastically to either mock the mentality of the person who would use such a phrase – the “teh” both implying their lack of intelligence and throwing the word or phrase that follows into the realm of ironic usage – or soften the seriousness of the accusation itself through deliberate exaggeration.

“Bush is Teh Evil”* for example is often used by someone in the context of “Bush isn’t really evil but this is how dumb people think.”

It also tends to be used as deliberate exaggeration – calling someone or something “Teh Evil” can be intended to soften the seriousness of the accusation through sarcasm.

That’s how I seem to see it used anyway.

  • This is in no way intended to be an endorsement for Bush. It was just the first example that comes to mind.

Heh. The folks around here crack me up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the way my circle uses it, it’s a form of emphasis. For example, instead of saying, “Wow, that sucks,” if we really want to drive the point home, we would instead say, “Wow, that is teh suck.” It’s equivalent to saying, “the ultimate suck.”

You are behind the times my friend. It has evolved to:

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This is exactly the usage I had in mind when I wrote the sentence.

Basically, I’ve spent too much time reading I Can Haz Cheezburger.

To go a bit further, I believe it is more specifically a reference to posts/IMs from junior idiots who are more concerned with ranting as quickly as possible, forgoing such niceties as spelling or intelligence. So message boards would have moronic posts like Bush is teh Evil that added nothing and just make the poster look bad.



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Nothing to add… but this thread sure r0x0r5!